The best celebrity Halloween costumes to inspire you this year

With Halloween fast approaching, you're going to need a costume, so we've put together a list of our favourite celebrity costumes, so you can be inspired and kill it this Halloween.

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Date published: 7th Oct 2022

Are you the type of person who thinks that some fake blood on a white shirt and coloured contact lenses is a good Halloween costume? Well, you need to sort out that costume game, and where better to take inspiration from than the people who have an unlimited budget to spend? So, we've decided to put together the definitive list of our favourite celebrity Halloween costumes of the past few years and hopefully give you that boost you need to impress this Halloween. 

We've got Lizzo doing Star Wars, Little Nas X entering the wizarding world, The Weeknd as an Italian-American mob boss, and even Kevin Hart dressing as his much larger best mate. If you can't take inspiration from any of these lot, then you're beyond saving. So get scrolling and start planning your costume for Halloween 2022.



Lizzo - Baby Yoda

Image: Lizzo on Instagram

First up, we've got Lizzo coming from a long time ago, in a galaxy far away. A couple of years back, the pop boss donned the green and connected to the force as she embodied Baby Yoda. Although the Mandalorian was nowhere to be seen, Lizzo absolutely slayed in this fit and sent shock waves around social media. Whilst you may not be able to entirely recreate it, a bit of green paint and a dressing gown may just do the trick.



Harry Styles - Dorothy

Image: Harry Styles on Instagram

Whilst Harry's outfits can be used as inspiration year-round, last Halloween, the UK pop dreamboat paid homage to the beloved character from The Wizard of Oz for his Harryween concert at Madison Square Garden. Never have the red shoes looked better on someone, and the show he put on wearing this fit was incredible. So this year, raid your nan's wardrobe and copy the drip, but be warned, you will never look as good as Harry does.



Lil Nas X - Voldemort

 Image: Vincenzo Dimino on Instagram

Lil Nas X is never one to be quiet and reserved, and with this Halloween costume, he sent lightning bolts around the world. Paying homage to the famous Potter villain, Lil Nas even made a play on words in the caption of the social media post - "MONTERO." "He who must be called by your name." We're not gonna act like this ones easy to replicate due to the severe lack of nose, but you don't need prosthetics to make it look good. But, if you have the money, then it's a pretty magical option.



Kevin Hart - The Rock

Image: Kevin Hart on Instagram

This throwback pic of The Rock is so iconic, but Kevin Harts's Halloween recreation maybe even more so. He even put the napkin under his elbow! Again, this is easily re-creatable with a turtle neck, bumbag, fake chain, and jeans. But, just remember, the relationship between the two is what makes this so iconic. However, you'll still look great, and get many a laugh.



Halsey - Emily The Corpse Bride

Image: Halsey on Instagram

Halsey showed out for Halloween 2020 as Emily from Tim Burton's iconic movie, Corpse Bride, and made death never look so good. Whilst the bells and whistles of this costume may be out of people's price range, a blue wig and face paint can easily be sourced. So if you like the look of it, then head out to your local fancy dress shop and get it sorted.



The Weeknd - Vito Corleone

 Image: The Weeknd on Twitter

If you were to show us this picture without any prior knowledge and tell us that its The Weeknd then we would just have to assume you were having us on. But, it really is him, and he absolutely kills it as The Godfather's main character. This maybe one for the older crowd, or with enough money to completely change your appearance, but anyone who rocks it will be the talk of whatever party you're at, mainly due to everyone being scared of finding a horse head in their bed. 



Bella Hadid - Poison Ivy

Image: Bella Hadid on Instagram

This one was a shock to many, as a ginger Bella Hadid was something no one had seen before. However, her attempt at the classic batman villain could not go unnoticed, especially with those eyebrows. It's also one that could very easily be recreated. Green jumpsuit, fake plants and a ginger wig and your set, although again, we don't all look like her, so just remember that.



Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom - Covid Vaccine and Doctor

Image: Katy Perry on Instagram

Whilst this one may be one people don't want to be reminded of, Katy and Orlando's costumes were great for their time. but, as Covid becomes more and more a thing of the past, it may become a decent throwback fit for Halloween for years to come. Just watch out for the people trying to tell you you're a mind control chip, you've been warned.



Chloe Bailey - Lola

Image: Chloe Bailey on Instagram

Shark Tale might not be everyone's first idea when thinking of a Halloween costume, but no one told Chloe Bailey this a few years back when she recreated Angeline Jolie's fishy character from the cult classic animated movie. This one may not be as practical given the temperature during Halloween, but wow does it look great. It's one that will be a challenge to recreate, but at the end of the day, who doesn't want to look this good?



Cardi B - Morticia Addams

Image: Cardi B on Instagram

Cardi B looked almost unrecognisable in this costume of the female figurehead of the Addams family, but she absolutely killed it, down to the dead-looking skin and the fierce look in her eyes. This one is an easier one for you to recreate, and if you can look half as good as this, then we recommend you do just that. It's a great group costume if you have friends to accommodate too!




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