The Skiddle Gig List: Upcoming gigs and tours across the UK

We have finally entered the New Year and that means a new calendar to pack full of the very best live music! So, check out this list to discover all the best touring artists over the first few months of 2023!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 5th Jan 2023

We have finally made it to 2023! First of all, pat yourselves on the back, that wasn't the easiest year at points, but you're here, you made it. Now, for us anyway, the highest priority is making sure that our schedules are jam-packed with all the best live music possible. Because isn't that what life is all about?

Whether you just want something to look forward to now we are in 2023 or you are starting to feel that gig-itch after a stint out over the break. Whatever it is Skiddle has got you covered with some awesome gigs from acts of every shape and size. 

We've done the research, sifted through the extensive directory of gigs housed on Skiddle, and collated a list of the best artists currently hopping around the fantastic venues all around the country, throughout both the start of the year and onto warmer horizons. So scroll a little further down to see our selection, and make sure to secure those tickets asap, as every single one of these is likely to sell out!


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Boney M

When: Friday 20th January 2023

Where: Boisdale Of Canary Wharf in London

Right, we honestly don't feel like we need to sell this to anyone, come on it's Boney M! They absolutely ruled the 70s with a string of unforgettable globetrotting hits including Rivers of Babylon, Rasputin, Brown Girl in the Ring and Daddy Cool. This one will be a party of the cheesiest and most nostalgic proportions, and one that you simply cannot miss. Opportunities to see the 70s icons are few and far between nowadays, and if you've ever danced around a club to Rasputin or screamed out the lyrics to daddy cool at a family party, then you know already that this one is going to pop off


Tickets for Boney M at Boisdale of Canary Wharf

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When: Thursday 2nd February 2023

Where: YES Pink Room in Manchester

Northants' very own time travelling psych-rockers will be gracing the stage of the iconic Pink room in Manchester for a gig that'll have you feeling like you're back in the hippy era. Temples have been bringing psychedelic vibes to punters across the globe for years now and going from strength to strength with mesmeric live shows and continually excellent releases. If you haven't seen these guys yet, you really don't know what you're missing out on. 


Tickets for Temples at YES Pink Room

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When: Tuesday 7th February 2023

Where: District in Liverpool

Effortlessly original and one of the coolest acts on the circuit at the minute, for Jockstrap, the only way is up. They'll be playing venues double the size of this one in years to come and we want you to be able to say you were their first. Their excellent record 'I love you Jennifer B' was one of the standouts of the year, and their brand of violin-infused, hyper-pop / post-rock present on the record is quite a thing, and whilst it sounds like it may not work, oh boy it does. They're just one of those super cool bands that everyone is talking about and to see it live will be a blessing for all in attendance. 


Tickets for Jockstrap at District

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Paul Young

When: Friday 21st April 2023

Where: The Prince Of Wales Theatre in Cannock

Paul Young has been a major star for four decades. On the 40th anniversary of his classic record 'No Parlez', he’s releasing a remarkable new record and publishing his extraordinary memoir; both called Behind The Lens. Plus, he’s touring the UK, too! On dates like this one in Cannock, he’ll meet fans, sing hits and tell stories about his incredible career; your Mum and Dad are going to be all over this one. There's undoubtedly going to be a few of his old records in your parent's collection so give them a spin and see what you think, and if not, get them for your folks as a treat, they probably deserve it, don't they?


Tickets for Paul Young at The Prince of Wales Theatre

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Sham 69

When: Friday 3rd February 2023

Where: The Rockin' Chair in Wrexham

This is another one for the older folks, or maybe just the connoisseurs amongst you, but 70s UK punk rockers Sham 69 are also returning for a tour to show that they can still stick it to the man; the only question on our lips is if they're still going to be wearing leather. Coming to The Rocking Chair in Wrexham, and supported by North Wales legends RATARSED, this gig is going to be a punk-fuelled nostalgia trip of the greatest proportions. So hurry up Harry, get those tickets and unite the kids!


Tickets for Sham 69 at The Rockin' Chair 

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Souls Of Mischief

When: Thursday 9th March 2023

Where: The Blues Kitchen in Manchester

Now, this is a truly special gig for any fans of 90s Hip-hop. The icons that are Souls of Mischief are going to be taking over the hallowed turf of Manchesters Blues Kitchen for a momentous gig that'll see them fly through from 93 to infinity and tear up a stage that's smaller than the ones you would usually see them on. This is the main pull for us, as to see them anywhere would be a treat, but in a venue this intimate, well we're going to be getting tickets for sure. So live and let live by getting everything secured for this one, you don't want to miss out. 


Tickets for Souls of Mischief at The Blues Kitchen

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Gaz Coombes - Matinee Stripped Back Album Launch

When: Tuesday 17th January 2023

Where: Phase One in Liverpool

Brit pop legend Gaz Coombes is set to play two very special intimate shows in support of his 4th album ''Turn The Car Around'' at Phase One in Liverpool, and with these stripped-back shows, you'll be able to see the former Supergrass man in a light you may not ever again. Whilst the late-night show has already sold out, the Maitanee still has tickets so don't worry there's still time!


Tickets for Gaz Coombes at Phase One

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The Wave Pictures

When: Friday 24th March 2023

Where: The Ferret in Preston

Prolific, gritty, garage folk trio The Wave Pictures will descend on the legendary Ferret stage for a night of dreamy alt-rock sounds and the most sensational of vibes. These lads have the tongue-in-cheek confessionalism of the Smiths, solo Morrissey, and the scrappy D.I.Y. aesthetic of the C-86 school and have racked up over 20 years in the biz now, so they know what they're doing. This one's going to be a belter, and while we're at it, go and support the Ferret, and donate to help them avoid closure, we need to protect these venues!


Tickets for The Wave Pictures at The Ferret

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Skinny Living

When: Sunday 5th February 2023

Where: Bootleg Social in Blackpool

As part of Independent Venue Week, the indie rock three-piece from Wakefield, Skinny Living are set to make their Blackpool debut. Since their first release back in 2016, these lads have had a story filled with graft and glorious tunes that have seen them on nothing but an upward trajectory. Now, those of the gold coast can see what it's all about under the tower lights and be blown away like everyone that sees them. with songs that shimmer in timeless beauty and lyrical wisdom beyond their years, they've got so much more to give and to see them in an intimate space like this one will be seriously sensational. 


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Elephant Sessions

When: Friday 12th May 2023

Where: The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen

The Scottish icons Elephant Sessions combine the very best of trad, funk, and electronica to produce blistering live shows that are talked about up and down the isles and beyond. Hailing from the highlands, these lot have done it all, toured the world with Alt-J, won awards, and made their own serious dint in Scotland's indie folk scene. On their fourth record, they are showing no signs of slowing down, and if you're in Aberdeen this May, there are few better gigs you can get yourself down to!


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