The Neighbourhood Wiped Out! review

The Neighbourhood come back after their 2013 debut with an RnB inspired second album Wiped Out!

Ben Smith

Last updated: 6th Nov 2015

Image: The Neighbourhood

Wiped Out!, the new album from LA genre hoppers The Neighbourhood pushes the cool, beach feel that typified 2013’s debut album I Love You further down the scale and ends up a much icier affair.

Singer Jesse Rutherford keeps his vocals as smooth, if not smoother, throughout the record which complements the bands new and darker tone like a sunrise on a snowy dawn. 

Lead single ‘RIP 2 My Youth’, regardless of the immature spelling, is a throwback to being young and mournfully accepting that everyone has to grow up eventually.

This, essentially is what the album achieves as a whole and would go some way to explaining the first track, ‘A Moment of Silence’, which is half a minute of just that: silence.

A record dedicated to lost youth or not, it is overwhelmingly sombre, which is not that surprising when you realise Lana Del Rey’s producer was onboard.

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Words: George Dove