The Cribs bring new record to North West date

The world's premier mid-fi band are set to exhibit tracks from their powerhouse sixth studio album.

Henry Lewis

Date published: 25th Oct 2017

Image: The Cribs (credit)

Wakefield indie, punk trio The Cribs are set to embark on yet another voyage around the UK, this time with their latest studio offering 24/7 Rock Star Shit, and hit Preston's Guild Hall on Friday 19th January.

The Jarman brothers' sixth record is a DIY masterpiece, originally intended as an E.P and was recorded in just five, yes FIVE days, and shows off the rough and ready raucousness of the band.


It could not be any further from 2015 release For All My Sisters which was finished with a pop production gleam, delivering some of the group's most immediate work since Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever.

With the title track of that 2007 indie classic, as well as 'Mirror Kissers', 'We Share The Same Skies', 'Another Number' and literally tonnes more, a Cribs live show is a full on affair, and this time with added 24/7 Rock Star Shit.

Find The Cribs Preston tickets below from 10am on Friday 27th October.

Tickets are no longer available for this event