Skiddle’s top tips for a great night out this New Year

We’ll say it: last NYE was rubbish. But this year will be different. We have to make up for that sorry excuse of a NYE by having the best night possible. So check out our tips for how to have a great New Year’s Eve.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 17th Dec 2021

Yep, it’s that time of year. New Year’s Eve is almost here again. It feels like just yesterday we were counting down to 2021, trying to cheers our friends and family over Zoom while our parents struggled to unmute themselves. Good times, eh? The good news is the bar could not be any lower. Unless you make some pretty big mistakes, there’s no way you won’t have a better night this time around. 

But the issue is, it really is too easy to make mistakes. Someone gets too drunk, another gets lost, there’s always some drama. But since we had such a crappy introduction to 2021, we deserve the best New Year’s Eve we can muster. We’ve got to make up for last year. So let’s dive straight in. Here are our tips for how to have a great New Year’s Eve…


Plan your night and book your tickets ASAP


God knows what makes procrastinating so easy and weirdly enjoyable, but tragically it is. It’s all fun and games until you get yourself together and finally get around to booking your tickets and… wait, it’s sold out. Then what? Then you scramble around like a headless chicken trying to find something, anything, that looks even the tiniest bit fun so you don't end up at that boring person's house party. Because that’s the last thing you want on New Year’s Eve. 

If that didn’t propel you into action, remember September? We blinked and it was suddenly mid-December. So while it feels like you have all the time in the world, you have, what will feel like, about five days. If you’re looking for a sign to book that event, club night, gig, movie, whatever, this is it. Do it! Before it’s too late! 

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Lower your expectations


“It’s impossible to have a good time on New Year’s Eve. The pressure’s too immense.” - Peep Show. And that’s a fact. It might sound depressing, but anticipation can shoot your evening dead well before it’s even begun. When you put all this pressure on yourself to have the best night of your life, you’ll fail. 

Think about your best nights out. It’s always the random, spontaneous ones that turn out the best. That’s because we had no expectations. No build-up of anticipation. In the words of Arctic Monkeys, “anticipation has a habit to set you up for disappointment in evening entertainment”. At this point, it’s a universally-known fact. Act like it’s any other night, or tell yourself it’ll be subpar, and you’ll have a better chance of having a top night.



Pace yourself


No one wants to hear it, but you know it’s wise. There’s always that one person who goes mad on a night out. They drink too much, throw up everywhere and wind up in a state crying over daft things until they pass out on the floor waiting for their Uber. Maybe that person is usually you. 

To avoid this, it’s obviously a good idea to watch how much you drink, the pace you drink, and to not start too early. If you start taking apple Sourz shots at 5 pm, you won’t even remember the countdown. You’ll probably lose your card and wake up with purple, blue, and black knees. To add to this point… 



Eat something proper


The food you eat before heading out on a bender has a massive impact on how drunk you get. And how hard it feels like a car hit you the next day. Foods high in protein and fibre are usually a good choice. Both keep you feeling fuller for longer and slow the absorption of alcohol. 

You’re probably thinking “why the hell would I do that? Eating’s cheating”. But eating won’t stop you from getting drunk, it’ll just make you less likely to end up lying on the pavement, one shoe missing, unable to sit up unassisted. Eating makes your evening more fun, more controllable, and you’ll be able to stay up for longer. And, again, you won’t feel as rough in the morning. 



Be confident 


It’s much easier said than done if you’re the shy type. But there are some tricks that can help you project confidence so you can make the most of your night. Put on your favourite outfit. The one you look and feel great in. Do your hair in a style you like, spray a nice fragrance and listen to some confident music to pump you up like Kanye, Beyoncé, some embarrassing noughties tune, whatever works for you. 

Faking it ‘til you make it can help too. Just pretend you’re confident until it becomes genuine. If it doesn’t work, just keep it up until the alcohol’s flowing. You should be fine after one or two. 



Do not bring your favourite coat out 


Although we said to wear your favourite outfit, it’s probably best not to bring out your favourite, most expensive coat. It’s New Year’s Eve. Everyone’s dressed nice and you have that coat. You’re going to want to wear it. But if you do, there’s a solid chance you’ll never see it again. Or at least have to phone a friend, who phones their friend, who phones their friend who lives miles away to try to arrange a swap because they grabbed your coat without thinking.

As you lie on the sofa with your head in pieces, cautiously sipping a tepid bottle of water that tastes like it was sent straight from the gods themselves, locating your coat is probably the last thing you’ll want to be doing. But you’ll have to because Sod’s law dictates that the person who swiped your coat needs theirs back immediately so they can set off on a voyage around the world that departs in the next hour. Save yourself the hassle.



Stay safe


Okay, let’s get a bit serious. NYE is one of the busiest nights of the year. Public transport will be battered and Uber has struggled with shortages for months now. Ensure you can get back safely or stay over somewhere with someone you trust. And don’t leave your mate with a stranger. Yeah, they’re winding you up, but you care about them and it’s your job to make sure they get home safe.

And, if you can, do a COVID test before you go out. Many venues now require a negative lateral flow test result if you don’t have proof of full vaccination (A minimum of two jabs). But also, no one wants to catch COVID. And what sounds worse than finding out you've caught it with a raging two-day hangover? We can still have a top, unforgettable night, we just need to stay safe.

Finally, keep an eye on your drink, travel with your mates, and if someone starts to feel rough, tell security, get some fresh air and have a glass of water.  



There’s a lot of pressure on New Year’s Eve to be the best night of the year, which can make people act desperately. Many people drink too much, don’t look after themselves and their mates, or try and fail to sort out plans at the last minute. It can ruin a night. Accepting that New Year’s Eve is just another night, staying safe, looking after each other, and securing your tickets early will massively improve your chances of having a sublime night.

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