Skiddle Recommends: The artists we're tipping for greatness in 2022

Introducing our brand new monthly feature - including recommendations on everything from music and food to fashion and film from the nerdiest and most knowledgable heads on the Skiddle team

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 27th Jan 2022

Introducing a brand new monthly feature created specifically with you - our lovely readers - in mind. Skiddle Recommends. 

Each month, members of the well-informed Skiddle team will offer their suggestions on a wide range of different topics, taking in experiences, art, music and various other things out there for your consumption.

Expect recommendations on everything from the best new and emerging artists to the best mood dependant records, the latest film releases and binge-able TV shows, the most hyped places to eat and drink in cities across the UK, essential books to read, the best theatre shows to see, the best museums and galleries to visit, the best live music festivals, venues, nightclubs... It could even be advice on picking the correct snack to compliment a lingering Sunday hangover. There's no limit to what tips you might find here. 

Kicking things off this week, we've collated opinions from our troop of trusty muso nerds to bring you the musicians and artists we're tipping to do great things in 2022. Be they new and yet unheard-of names due to set the world ablaze or returning icons, going next level with greatly-anticipated and imminently expected new music - Find out the talents our Skiddle gang are backing to go BIG in 2022, below...


Name: Anna (Community Manager)

Artist: Tyler, The Creator

What Anna had to say:

"Tyler has gone from being blacklisted from entering countries to headlining the biggest festivals around. I feel like he's finally found his sound, full of vintage sampling mixed with spooky beats and layered with poetry like a musical trifle. He's leaving his shock factor tactics behind him. 

"He's also following the fashion avenue which I think is going to reflect in his performances, elevating anything he has showcased before. I've got a feeling his sets are going to be visually beautiful. I'm excited to see what's next..."




Name: Ric (Paid Media)

Artist: Joesef

What Ric had to say:

"One of those artists you listen to whose songs sound instantly recognisable and you just have to listen to them again and again. He was compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse back in 2020 and I completely see why. He has this uncanny ability to make you feel melancholic when listening to his music and yet at the same time, you still want to get up and dance. It's the same feeling across his entire discography. 

A brilliant and naturally talented songwriter. One hundred per cent, my one to watch this year."




Name: Matty (Content Writer)

Artist: Sasami

What Matty had to say:

"Sasami is an incredibly interesting artist. A classically-trained composer, who makes emotionally-resonant songs, her debut album in 2019 was comprised of indie rock tracks that were full of expressive introspection. Now, her second album out in February is going to be a complete change of pace as she embraces her metal phase. This is the perfect foil for her to express her innermost aggressive emotions in a cathartic and bold way."




Name: Jamie (Marketing Manager)

Artist: Mimi Webb

What Jamie had to say:

"A big pop talent that's destined for huge things in 2022. She released her debut album towards the end of last year, Seven Shades of Heartbreak, which has amassed some crazy streaming numbers in a very short space of time. The mark of a modern-day, future superstar.

"She was also one of the names listed on Radio 1's sound of 2022. Expect to see her live on festival stages across Europe this year."




Name: Lisa (Marketing Manager)

Artist: Aziya

What Lisa had to say:

"UK artist Aziya released her debut EP, We Speak of Tides, in 2021 and is carving out her own lane in the world of indie rock/pop. This guitar-playing 21-year-old writes incredible music (oh and she produces it too!) and I cannot stop listening to her. Plus, she is an authentic young woman storming into the music industry without apology - what more could you need!"




Name: Rory (Account Support)

Artist: Bare Up

What Rory had to say:

"Bare Up is a fairly underground drum n bass producer from the UK. I have been following him all the way through 2021 and each release he makes blows me away. Typically he creates high energy, in your face drum and bass but can switch it up for more funky rollers too. 

"While mixing, I know I can draw from a Bare Up track and be sure it's gonna absolutely shut the gaff down.

"With releases coming from very well respected labels he's deffo one to watch! Get your bets in. Bare Up 2022. I'm telling you!"




Name: Holly (Content Writer)

Artist: LEAP

What Holly had to say:

"The singles they've released have been incredibly good, mixing almost pop hooks on top of rock music, but with other influences too. The vocalist pens great lyrics and has such an interesting voice (without sounding weird) and the instrumentals combine perfectly, working beautifully as a team. I've quite literally had them on repeat.

"Nothing's been confirmed officially, but they recently responded to a comment I left saying, 'they have plans to release an EP soon'. The excitement is real." 




Name: Jonny (Account Support / Content Writer)

Artist: Black Country, New Road

What Jonny had to say:

"I feel like I'm cheating a little, picking Black Country, New Road, since they already made huge waves in 2021, but I think 2022 is when we see what they're truly capable of.

"Their 2021 debut album was astonishing; a blend of post-rock, post-punk, klezmer, spoken word... It was equal parts anxious and exciting, just as a debut should be. But I think their second album, Ants From Up There, will really see Black Country, New Road ascending to the next level, artistically and commercially.

"The singles released so far have already shown an evolution of their sound and songwriting and, judging from the album cuts they've played live over the last year (check out Basketball Shoes. Christ), we are yet to hear the best of the record. I can't wait for this one."




Name: Dale (Senior Content Creator)

Artist: Wu-Lu

What Dale had to say:

"Wu-Lu AKA South Londoner, Miles Romans-Hopcraft is a man on the move. Leaving behind the beautifully serene and abstract hip hop sound heard on his earlier releases, the likes of 2018's N.A.I.S. - his latest volumes of work show progression into something much more confrontational, reflective of the times we're living through.

"Blurring the lines between punk and the British rap scene, his focus has shifted pretty dramatically. He's now using his voice to highlight sociopolitical issues and economic disparity in the UK, taking from his own experience of growing up in broken Britain. It's really hard-hitting stuff. It makes you stop, shut the f**k up, sit down and take notice. Real Rage Against The Machine energy. 

"It's something I'm expecting to hear a lot more of from acts operating in the same sort of grey area this year, given the current state of governmental affairs #partygate. Case in point - the likes of Kid Kapichi, Bob Vylan and Strange Bones.

"Hold tight for that fire album. It's coming..."




A real varied selection of recommendations to get stuck into, as was to be expected from this lot. Place your bets on who you think will hit the big time in 2022 and get ready to see them performing at a festival or live music venue near you this year.

Keep your eye's peeled for February's instalment of Skiddle Recommends. Plenty more tips to come...



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