Shigeto speaks to Skiddle ahead of his show at Islington Mill

Ahead of his Islington Mill show, the artist formerly known as Frank Omura talks to Jasmine Phull about the importance of his environment and its impact on both time and space.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 16th Nov 2011

Ahead of his Islington Mill show, the artist formerly known as Frank Omura talks to Jasmine Phull about the importance of his environment and its impact on both time and space.

For Michigan born, Brooklyn based Shigeto, and many artists like him, the EP and the LP aren’t simply storage devices. Instead they extend beyond their physical being, acting as homes for the fragments of life.

Where the EP may be seen as a mini-collection of single memories; a night out, a birthday, the winter passed, an LP tells a more linear story where prolonged periods of time interlace themselves within the melodies, like ribbons weaving in and out of chords and bars of music.

You go by the name Shigeto but have also released music under the title Frank Omura. Why the change in alias?

Frank Omura was my first alias for my techno and electro stuff. When I started making other types of songs I figured I should make a new alias. Shigeto was reserved for my more personal music. Anything from IDM, hip hop or jazz inspired material ends up under the Shigeto guise.

Though originally from Michigan, you’re now based in Brooklyn. How important is the environment to your creation process?

Very. Ann Arbor gives me space and comfort while NY gives me motivation and a sense of urgency.

You’ve released a number of EPs. What draws you to the EP format?

I like my full length releases to tell a story or be a showcase of a particular time in my life. The EPs are more for giving tracks I enjoy a home and getting them out into the world.

Semi-Circle was released in 2010 via Ghostly International. How did that relationship come about and what makes it last?

Being from Ann Arbor, Michigan (where Ghostly started) we've had a long standing relationship. I kind of went from fan to family with this one.

2011 saw the release of the Full Circle Remixes LP. What was the idea behind that?

We just wanted to have like minded artists give their take on the tracks from Full Circle. I always enjoy hearing my friends’ takes on my own music.

When delegating the tracks did you give the artists a brief or did they have free reign?

Definitely free reign.

Your Dad’s love for jazz played an instrumental part in the music path you’ve carved for yourself. Growing up was he the most, musically influential person in your life?

It would be him along with my musical tutor in high school. He was an alto player by the name of Vincent York. He pretty much taught me everything I know. Musically, spiritually - he was my musical father.

As a child you learnt the drums. How important were those lessons to the music you create today?

Very. I feel like my sense of time is one of my greatest strengths.

Is your music emotionally inspired? Do you avidly seek mentally challenging situations in order to feel and in turn create music?

All my music is emotionally inspired but I never seek out a challenging situation. (Laughs). I don't like those.

The one piece of advice you’d give the ‘you starting out’?

Stay hungry. Stay humble.

You’ve been touring but are you currently working on the next release?

Yes. I've recently finished my next EP "Lineage" and I'm currently working on my LP.

Last song you listened to?

"Wild" by Devonwho.

Top track of 2011?

"Mirror" Burial, Thom Yorke, Four Tet.

Interview: Jasmine Phull

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