Sarah Story announces exciting new record label: STORIES

BBC Radio 1 Future Dance host Sarah Story announces the release of her new record label and club series, STORIES. Equipped with enough talent and a unique experience for artists to express their love for dance music! Tickets on sale now!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 15th Feb 2024

There are a couple of things to get excited about today, but the thing that's at the top of our list is Sarah Story's latest announcement for her new multi-purpose record label and club series,  STORIES. Calling it a labour of love, Sarah Story wants this part of her career to be a platform for other artists to share their artistic expression, and forward-thinking dance music. 

And to elevate the vibes of this announcement, Sarah Story has already released a few STORIES club series to share with you. We currently have Birmingham where Sarah Story will commence the story at LAB11, a rocket of a venue for this kind of event with the assistance of other guests. Then to top it all off, Sarah Story will be making an appearance in Brighton, an undeniable location for a party and even better it's the pre-party at The Arch for Snowbombing 2024, so you know it's gonna be mega. 


The DJ, Producer and BBC Radio 1 Future Dance host Sarah Story let the cat out of the bag sharing her personal V-Day gift on her Instagram promising this to be the first chapter of her ongoing story, and we couldn't have asked for a better present. 

So if you want to experience the launch of Chapter One, and witness beautifully created dance music, and a musically gifted story told by incredible guests and artists, we suggest you get on this and quick. 

If you scroll down below you can find tickets for both Birmingham and Brighton where you can choose which one piques your interest. Hey even better, why not choose both?




Tickets for Sarah Story: STORIES, Bimingham

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Tickets for Sarah Story: Stories X Snowbombing X The Arch Pre Party,  Brighton 

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Header image credit: Sarah Story