Q&A With Trapfield Tribe - The First Rap Group To Become An Online Sensation

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Date published: 10th Nov 2018

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Who makes up Trapfield Tribe?
Trapfield Tribe?s headliners are Trickz, Meister Soleil and Trapz
Meister Soleil was born in Brazil, ?raised in favelas? and moved to the UK in his mid teens. Since he was young, Meister has always had a passion for making music, producing music and performing his music; in both English and Portuguese. He?s also a trained dancer and you?ll definitely catch him bustin? out B-Boy moves on stage.
Trapz moved to London during his early years and soon returned to the north to make music with the Tribe. After his first love of music, Trapz has a passion for cars and all things fast & furious. His knowledge of current trends is ahead of the game so if you want to know which tracks are hot right now, he?s your boy.
Trickz has lived in Leeds for a few years having come to study. She was a fan of the P110 Grime Channel when she was young, she got into heavier music during high school. A trained singer, dancer and musician, not much holds her back. As Trickz says ?there is no such thing as failure, only more obstacles.?
Trapfield Tribe have a song ?Deep Road? that explains more about each Tribe member and their background story. ?Born in Brazil, raised in favelas?.. Have a listen on Soundcloud!
We are from very different backgrounds ethnically and socially.
We found ourselves living in the same block of flats in Leeds and realised we all shared a passion for performing, music and dance. We came together to create performances that have a sense of fun and youthfulness. Tribe members love to have a good time and enjoy music and having fun. We hope people will listen to our music and enjoy it, but more importantly feel like they are included and are a part of it.
How did you come up with the name Trapfield Tribe?
We're just a Tribe in a field of Traps! ... But mainly TRIBE because we want to join together to start a new revolution in music (which we hope others will feel a part of too) ? TRAPFIELD TRIBE !
Were there other names you toyed with?
No, and it?s here to stay. TFT on the dot.
Which artists in the scene inspire you?
This question is a hard one because we all have many different artists that we look up to and are inspired by daily. We enjoy many styles of music so it?s hard to narrow down ? but.. our favourite mainstream artists are:
Stormzy, Skepta, Eminem, Nadia Rose, Lady Leshurr and JME.
We have been particularly inspired by some of the northern based grime artists over the past year.
How would you describe your sound?
Funky Rap Dance Grime. H-Y-P-E.
The Tribe know how to take the audience on a musical adventure by using different styles of tracks, with different BPM. The Tribe have a great connection on stage and are full of excitement and passion. Their gigs have been described as ?Slick and Controlled Madness?.
Meister brings energy and hype, he use his powerful voice to add drama and character to the Tribe?s music. Trapz, the ?sinister grime kid?, uses his bassy lows to add depth and he keeps the Tribe grounded. Trickz completes the trio, sharp and feisty she holds her own, using her voice to entice the audience, reeling them in and creating suspense to then drop flows on some next level beats.
We rap about things that have happened in our lives that have inspired us, we create stories, we are artists. We?ve all been through bad times and experiences but we need to celebrate getting out of those situations and not glorify having to go through it. We hope that other people will relate to some of it and that it might give them confidence and encouragement to get out of their own ?bad place?.
What is the group?s greatest achievement so far?
Performing at festivals for the first time, getting over 200k views on YouTube after only a few months and the first time we heard our music being played on national radio have all been great but we all agree our greatest achievement was performing our tracks live the very FIRST time and actually seeing people dance and bop their heads to music that we had written having started from nothing.
The Tribe are proud of what we have achieved on our own in under a year . Amazeballs really!
If you could live one day as another artist who would it be and why?
Slim Jesus.
What can we expect from the Trapfield Tribe this year?
There will be more festival appearances and live performances around the UK. We are working on developing the Tribe brand so look out for our official Tribe merchandise. We are working hard writing and producing more exciting music and videos with the next release in a couple of months.
Summer 2019 is a big one for us and we can?t wait to get out there and show the world our art.
Where can people find out more about Trapfield Tribe?
If you head over to iTunes/Spotify then you can download our latest tracks. Make sure to keep up to date with our gigs/shows by following us on social media and JOIN THE TRIBE.
We have lots of new stuff coming out, so to be sure not to miss anything find us @ trapfieldtribe on all social media platforms and click FOLLOW!.
If you are looking for some energetic, new generation sounds to hype up your corporate events, parties, raves, university gigs (fresher?s week parties, summers balls) get in touch as our calendar is filling up fast!
We are a force to be reckoned with!

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