Property Connections: A Guide for building strong connections for Local Businesses at the Essex Property Show

Are you a local business eager to make valuable property connections at the Essex Property Show? Engaging with fellow businesses, seeking advice, and building support networks are crucial steps towards growth and success in this ever-changing industry.

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Date published: 22nd May 2024

Let’s explore how you can maximise your experience at the Essex Property Show to establish strong connections that will propel your business forward.

networking at the essex property show

Making Key Property Contacts at the Essex Property Show
  • The Importance of Local Business Networking

Networking is the cornerstone of growth for all local businesses, especially at face-to-face events like the Essex Property Show. Connecting with other local businesses opens up opportunities for collaboration and increases your visibility within the industry. By engaging in meaningful conversations, you can discover potential partnerships, gain insights into local market trends, and identify new customer segments.

We are excited to announce, for the first time at the show there will e a special networking opportunity for local businesses. At 10:00 am on Friday 5th July, before the doors ‘officially’ open a networking session will be taking place in the Sports Hall, giving local businesses the opportunity to network and connect.

Relationships built through networking serve as a foundation for mutual support. They can lead to referrals, shared resources, and combined efforts in community initiatives. This is particularly important in the property sector, where local knowledge and connections can give you a competitive edge.

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Structuring Impactful Face-to-Face Interactions

Have you thought about your ‘elevator’ pitch? Don’t worry, you won’t need to deliver one infront of an audience during the networking part of the event, but it is worth thinking about the impact of the first 60 seconds that you introduce yourself to a new connection.

Really think about what you do, the services you provide and the types of businesses you want to connect with. Having a clear message that is easily interpreted will help to strengthen the connections you make on the day.

Start by setting tangible goals for the number of people you wish to connect with and the types of property connections you aim to establish.

When engaging in conversation, focus on being an active listener. We were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason! Listening is a skill and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It helps in understanding the needs and interests of others and fosters a genuine connection. Ask insightful questions and provide thoughtful responses that reflect your expertise in the local property market.

Lastly, remember to follow up after the event. A quick message reiterating your interest in the discussion and proposing a next step can cement the connection and open doors to future business opportunities.

Networking - Essex Property Show

Get Involved
  • Learn from Essex Property Experts

The Essex Property Show is a hub for learning from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the property field. These professionals bring a wealth of experience and can offer invaluable advice that could shape the future of your local business. Make it a point to attend presentations and panel discussions, as these are ripe with insights about current trends and future predictions in the property market.

Engage with these experts by asking specific questions during Q&A sessions or informally networking. Their advice can guide you in refining your business strategies and avoiding common pitfalls. Additionally, their endorsement or advice may lend credibility to your business and boost your reputation within the local community. Use this opportunity to expand your knowledge and equip your business with the expertise it needs to thrive.

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Expanding Your Community Engagement
  • Harnessing the Power of Local Business Interactions

Local business interactions are a driving force for community engagement. At the Essex Property Show, take the opportunity to interact with other local businesses and discuss ways to support each other’s growth. These interactions can lead to collaborative projects, shared marketing efforts, and cross-promotion that benefit the entire community.

There were many connections made at the last show, specifically Paul Nash from JP Property House Clearances met another exhibitor at the show and now they are in business together – all from meeting at the show and discussing and sharing their ideas. It just takes that one conversation that can change everything for you.

Come prepared, be open minded and most importantly have fun!

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