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Orphan Boy drummer launches new seaside club night

On Friday 13th April, the sleepy seaside town of Cleethorpes awoke from its monotonous slumber as Orphan Boy's Chris Day launched a new weekly, free entry club-night. Jo-Anne Waddington went along to find out more.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 23rd Apr 2012

Known for its world class Fish and Chips, penny slot machines and air of eerie seaside nostalgia, Cleethorpes has always managed to attract and excite new visitors and holiday makers in peak seasons - yet seemed to be unable to satisfy many of its locals week in and week out, especially when it came to its music scene.

There are many bars around the area that do their best to cater for their regulars, yet despite their best efforts the nightlife had seemed to become stagnant and predictable.

Local lad Chris Day grew up in the area, and in his early twenties moved to Manchester as the drummer of local band Orphan Boy. As they set out to make a name for themselves and experience life in the music scene, it wasn’t long before home beckoned and seven years later they found themselves back with their families and settled into normal life. However, the buzz and atmosphere of the music capital stayed with Day and became the inspiration for Northern Monkey.

So, on Friday 13th April, the sleepy seaside town of Cleethorpes finally awoke from its monotonous slumber as new weekly, free entry club-night Northern Monkey launched.

The launch night saw people in their droves turn up to sea front venue Waves, to be part of what is tipped to be a new phenomenon for the town. Revellers filled up the dancefloor and partied the night away with classics from Pulp, The Smiths, Oasis and Blur to name but a few. Drinks were constantly flowing, hands were in the air and people were literally rolling around on the floor, lapping up every moment that the Northern Monkey had to offer.

Day's aim was to encapsulate a similar atmosphere to what he experienced while living in Manchester, and bring back the heart to Cleethorpes using guitar music and uniting music lovers. His aim was achieved. Attendees approached the night with reckless abandon, and spirits were high as they spilled out the doors from Waves when the night drew to a close.

Despite being a new venture, Day has a bright future planned for Northern Monkey. In a few weeks time the night, tying in nicely with the Stone Roses reunion, will be giving away Stone Roses tickets. Not only that but with an aim to attract people from towns and cities outside of Grimsby and Cleethorpes, there is soon to be a monthly spot for bands as well as special DJ appearances from some very well known famous faces from the indie and Britpop scene; many from Manchester.

We have also been told to keep our eyes peeled for a Manchester themed all day music event which will see Northern Monkey play a big part in helping to organise.

So as this Northern Monkey looks set to be ‘Moving On Up’, be sure to be at Waves every Friday ‘Boys and Girls’, and find your inner ‘Rock and Roll Star’.

Words: Jo Anne Waddington

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