Notes from the Island: Skiddle Ibiza Diary Part 4

Our Ibiza correspondent Jack Law brings you all the latest happenings from the White Isle.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 26th Jul 2012

Good day to you all. It's been eight weeks now, and as usual there's been plenty going on. I've also come to the conclusion that If reading these diaries hasn't already persuaded you to sack off your jobs back home for an Ibiza season next year then I don't know what will. You really do have the time of your life out here, I certainly am.

I went to the rest of the Ibiza 123 festival after missing the first day (I slept through it, not that I'm that bothered as the line-up didn't really interest me in the slightest). The line up for the second day wasn't that much better either, but I did go down later on – I actually thought Elton John was really good, despite disliking him for the majority of my life. Credit to him, he does put in a good performance! Fatboy Slim smashed it as well; for a T-total he really is energetic behind the decks, going wild as he pumped out pounding fidget and electro. The third day was the one though. Over the course of it we saw TEED, Reboot and Lenny Kravitz & Luciano, who played their own performances as well as an interesting collab. Overall however, as far as festivals go it had been pretty pathetic – read all about it here.

The week's action had only just begun. On Wednesday we were invited down to the opening of the Vagabundos Taverna – the new Cadenza shop which Luciano and his buddies have brought to the old Ibiza Town. It was a small yet cool event as Luciano and the rest of the DJs celebrated the next instalment of their Ibiza plans with funky little drinks, nibbles and a showcase of the merchandise they now have on offer. We bought a couple of badges from Luciano's daughter as she handed out roses to us all, which we had planned to treat some lovely ladies to - but sadly we didn't get round to that... From there we went back to our most visited club, Sankeys, for the Steve Lawler opening, where Onur Ozer, Kevin Saunderson and Lawler himself knocked our heads off with some banging house and techno.

After a bit of a rest, we got ourselves ready for one of the most anticipated events of the whole season – Richie Hawtin's Enter opening night at Space on Thursday. The techno don treat us to an unforgettable experience of minimal techno at its best combined with the best visuals and effects (check out the picture at the top of the diary!), which led to the most positive review I have written so far, as he completely blew our minds and left us utterly speechless for the rest of the following day. It was definitely my favourite night out so far, and will most likely remain so - until I go back for more in a few weeks.

We took Friday night off – our first night off in seven days. I think it was necessary really. Over the weekend, we went back to the Zoo Project and also Carnival at Sankeys, where DJ T played a whopper of a set full of big tunes of the moment.

We took a well deserved rest over the next few days, all this partying is hard work you know!

The rest of the week wasn't such a busy one, but we still fit in some decent dancing time – on Tuesday we went down for Solomun's Diynamic opening at Sankeys – a night which is going to be pretty big this season to say the least. Look out for it every Tuesday and read the opening night review here for a taster of what it's about. Futuristic and sexy deep house music all night long is a real treat. Then we had a couple more nights off on Wednesday and Thursday (god, how boring are we!) before heading down for a free beach party at La Plaj in Playa d'en Bossa on the Friday, where Silicone Soul and Nick Warren educated us with some old school-tinged deep house music in the sun and sand. They're every Friday and are always free, so keep those in mind.

We rounded off this two week period with Zoo Project and Carnival with Miguell Campbell at Sankeys on Saturday (the latter was pretty poor as the music wasn't very good, but after partying at Sankeys shit loads over the last few months we were bound to encounter a poor show at some point). We made up for it though, as a group of our mates had come out for a long weekend and were staying in the most amazing villa up in the hills – we went back and enjoyed some great company in an amazing setting, which was an absolute pleasure to be in after such a long time of returning to our basic, cramped apartment after every night out so far. Sunday was another rest day.

Reading back over this week's diary I realise that there's far too many rest periods; I'm quite disgraced at myself. Either that or I've just forgotten about some of the things we've been doing (the days do all roll into one!) I think I'm going to have to make up for it over the next two weeks... We have a big group of pals coming out and will be living like kings in another delightful villa up in the hills of San Rafael - and we are going to smash it.

Look forward to reading about all the antics we get up to, and in the mean time, as usual, get yourself over and keep on track with what's going on. The party never stops - well, for the majority of the time anyway!

Words: Jack Law

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