Muted audio Interview: Liverpool is gonna need to be on its tiptoes

Jess Heaton catches up with the Muted audio crew as they prepare to bring their

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 10th Sep 2013

Image: Haus Liverpool

Ahead of the brand new monthly bass night launch ‘Less Effect’ on the 19th September, we thought we better introduce the headliners as the name doesn’t quite ring a bell just yet in Liverpool. Coming over from Nottingham, the record label and club night Muted Audio are bringing four of their best artists; Josh Hewitt, Plax, Minglou and Koncide, to rock Haus Warehouse.

Each one is divinely dark with their own unique bass rumbling sound, so you can expect a night dripping in moody basslines, tunneling synths and uplifting piano chords,. We caught up with them to get an understanding into what makes the label tick, and what to expect when they touch down in Liverpool next week.

Hi Muted Audio, please can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’re about?

What’s up Skiddle, hope your all good. Muted Audio is a Nottingham/London based digital record label and party aiming to bring our family orientated appearance to the dance floor. We’re trying to provide something extra to the minimal appearance of underground electronic music, and bring a limited edition vibe to the label.

So you’re originally from Nottingham then, what was your ethos when starting the brand?

Starting Muted we were originally planning on launching a monthly Dubstep night in Lincoln. The idea was that we would be providing something fresh, new and revitalizing as the scene here is more of your Drum & Bass, Hardcore and so on. So we decided to take a risk bringing something different and then see whether or not it will work.

We put on two parties which had poor attendances, and then we were shaking a stick at whether or not we should continue going with this and drop the idea or continue. Our last event as just a clubnight was with Detonate & Hospitality at Gatecrasher, Nottingham, and that was when we had a brainwave of curating a record label and totally reshape the brand image, but still run club nights (label nights/collaboration nights etc.) We’ve not looked back since.

You’re heading to Liverpool with an army of your finest men for the launch night of Less Effect on the 19th September, who’s representing Muted Audio crew?

Yes, we’re looking forward to partying in Liverpool! Representing Muted Audio will be our first signing to the label, Josh Hewitt, who has an awful lot going for him, and our second signing to the label and now our A&R, Minglou. This guy is someone to watch out for as his sound is solid and will definitely wake you up on the dance floor.

We will also be bringing two of Muted’s godfathers, Koncide and Plax. Koncide is seriously talented, aiming to provide his own sound to the minimal Dubstep scene, watch this guy. Finally, Plax, founder of the Muted Audio movement. Liverpool is gonna need to be on its tiptoes.

The Haus warehouse is a pretty cool venue, are you looking forward to your Liverpool debut at the Less Effect launch?

Totally, Haus looks a really slick venue and the warehouse vibe suits Muted to a tee, and we can’t wait to experience Liverpool’s famous party atmosphere in person. We are seriously looking forward to this one, as much as our previous Skegness outing to VEXD - they know how to party as well. 

Headlining the event and first to produce an hour mix especially for the launch night is Josh Hewitt, can you tell us a little more about him?

Josh is an outstanding producer who provides a deeper, industrial Techno vibe to the label - his tracks resemble what Muted Audio is about, and as you pointed out his hour mix for Less Effect is outstanding.

He currently studies at SAE Institute Liverpool doing Audio Engineering and Production and this definitely shines through his works; watch out for more Hewitt coming soon!

Josh was one of our first findings and his Tides EP is a solid resemblance of quality independent Techno music, if you haven’t checked it out, be sure to before you head down to Liverpool. It’ll blow your mind.

His latest track ‘Chamber’, something we found on the Muted Audio soundcloud, is delightfully dark, is this the kind of vibe we can expect to hear at the Less Effect launch?

Glad you like that one, Chamber is a personal favourite off Josh’s EP. Yes 100%, we will definitely be bringing Muted Audio’s dark side across to Liverpool…

Do you have any plans for before the year is out? Any sneaky releases you want to hint at?

We certainly do, we’re currently working on a lot at the moment. In November we have Outbound’s debut EP (Expansion) dropping on the 23rd bringing a darker, twisted edge along with Minglou’s remix of ‘Expansion’.

That will see us through till 2014, but we will also be launching a Podcast real soon featuring artists which resemble Muted’s sound, so keep an eye out for that,

In addition, what future plans do you have for this upcoming record label and club night? More releases, more artists, more parties?

We have many forthcoming plans for the brand, certainly more releases (standby for Minglou’s debut solo EP dropping February with Josh Hewitt), and yes, we are currently looking to expand Muted’s artist roster and are always open for demos from producers.

We’ve got some goodness lined up the parties too, but just what that is yet we can’t let slip…


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