Musicians are struggling to buy new equipment

The cost of living crisis has put an increasing amount of pressure on musicians.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 17th Nov 2022

It has been revealed in a report by the charity Help For Musicians that 91% of musicians are unable to afford equipment. The charity also found that 98% of musicians are worried about their income over the next six months. This hammers home just how devastating the cost of living crisis has been on the music industry.

It was also announced that 90% of 500 musicians surveyed are worried about affording food whilst 84% are concerned about affording their rent or mortgage. It is a combination of factors in recent years that has led to this uncertain period from Brexit to the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis.

It means that musicians, especially from working-class backgrounds are finding that their is little security when it comes to income. It means that these creative people are following alternative career paths and are being denied the opportunity to thrive in the music industry. 

It is a sad state of affairs when musicians can't even afford the basic equipment such as amps and microphones to be able to create new music and perform it live. If you enjoy music from independent artists don't forget to give them some support by buying their music or some merch, even a little goes a long way. To learn more about ways to help musicians click here.



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Header image credit: Josh Sorenson (Pexels)

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