MIKASA Manchester

A journey through the story of MIKASA, long standing under ground music night in Manchester

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Date published: 20th Feb 2018

The Journey of MIKASA

A few years ago in a local Northern pub a thing was born, that thing was named MIKASA. Initially MIKASA's mother and farther couldn't quite work out what MIKASA was... nor how it got there. The pair were stumped, they had never had a thing before and the responsibilities seemed quite daunting. Never the less, the two of them nurtured and raised MIKASA as their own.

Both became very proud of MIKASA, so proud they felt the need to show all of their friends! So they made a decision, they both agreed that once MIKASA was able to stand on its own two feet they would take it with them to a dingy dark basement in the centre of Bury. There they would invite all of their friends to come and meet MIKASA for the first time. Unfortunately not all who were invited could attend.... but luckily the ones who did make it really enjoyed themselves, and the general atmosphere was positive.

The two were both very pleased with themselves and took MIKASA home to rest. Within hours of waking the next day they made a Facebook page, Twitter account and an Instagram profile for MIKASA. The pair then flooded the internet with pictures of MIKASA, pictures from all angles, videos and even a recording of part of the evening. That same day they contacted the dingy basement owner and asked if they could do it all again, like Robson Greens catch of the day, they were hooked.

Nights came and went over the years and MIKASA grew up fast, now in the early stages of maturity MIKASA had begun making its own decisions. First of which, the conversation of moving to the city, away from home, away from his roots. This worried Mum and Dad, could they really let their little MIKASA loose in such a big city like Manchester? But MIKASA didn't let up and eventually both parents caved to the inevitable.

MIKASA moved out at 2 years old, it went to live in the big city at the end of the metrolink line with not a pound to its name. Luckily a wonderful man called Mr Sankeys found MIKASA and decided to take it in, MIKASA contacted his Parents immediately "Mother, Farther I need you to come and play with me" (remember, MIKASA was still only 2 years old at this point). Mum and Dad were over the moon! They flew to their computers and with fingers of fire spread the word to all who could digitally hear it.

Travellers far and wide came to see the sceptical, some from as far as Altrincham. The evening was a success, MIKASA had officially found its home.

6 months later, Mr Sankeys found himself in a very sticky situation.... some speculate financial issues, others say it was just his time... anyway in a nut shell he sold his place and moved himself permanently to the island of Ibiza. MIKASA was once again alone....

Over the next year or so MIKASA found refuge in different places across the city. Although everyone who took it in was very nice and welcoming, it never really felt as settled as it had done for those wonderful 6 months with Mr Sankeys. Time passed and MIKASA decided it was time to put it's journey on hold and move back in with it's parents. Like all returning children, this was not easy....

Mom and Dad, (considerably older and wiser by this point) had a decision to make, did they help MIKASA get back on it's feet or simply let it die a slow, cold and painful death.....

They couldn't resist, the thing that unknowingly stumbled into their lives many years ago had become a part of them. Not just a part of them but a part of their friends and a part of Manchester, the great city of Manchester. So they secured a new home for MIKASA in wonderful Manchester, a big shiny, recently renovated Joshua Brooks in fact. Manchester and its people had brought MIKASA out of a dingy basement to the greatest venues in the greatest city. A city that's bursting with musical talent everywhere you look, a city that's given us amazing bands, a city that has countless amazing producers and artists. Manchester is a city that all other countries are jealous of, and rightly so! And on that note for the next MIKASA we thought it would be so fitting to to invite someone special, someone who's productions and music really sit deep within the soul of MIKASA, French born DJ all the way from his home city of Paris, Ron Costa!


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