Live Review: Confidence Man at Koko, Camden

Skiddle went to Confidence Man's show at Koko in Camden.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 7th Nov 2022

Confidence Man are an Australian dance group who seem to be getting better and better as time goes on. Performing under the pseudonyms of Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie, they have released two albums worth of hilariously entertaining beats.

Their performance at this year's Glastonbury was one of the highlights of the prestigious festival and it saw them exposed to a much wider audience than ever before. At Koko in Camden, which is the third and final date of a three-day run in the city, they show exactly why there is so much hype surrounding them right now.

The whole tour seemed to arrive as a reaction to their newfound popularity and the cosy and intimate floor space of Koko is full of ecstatic fans ready to dance their hearts out. What's noticeable about Confidence Man's crowd is that there's a real diversity in terms of age. They initially found footing by being championed by BBC Radio 6 Music, but there's no doubt that Confidence Man's energy naturally attracts the hedonism of youth.

What you find is that regardless of age, the whole crowd is shifting and contorting ecstatically along to the energy that Sugar Bones and Janet Planet project in their wild movements. The pair are enigmatic, with a flair for showmanship that sees them performing the occasional flip alongside their choreographed moves.

There are at least four outfit changes as they go from oversized suits to almost nothing at all, with Janet even donning a cone bra at one point. What Confidence Man project on stage is exactly what makes their music so endearing. They never try too hard and they've never taken themselves too seriously.

These songs all come under the umbrella of having a fun time, whether it be the YMCA-like choreography of C.O.O.L Party or the moment where Sugar Bones pops off the cork on a champagne bottle and sprays the crowd with it, playing off of the luxury, high-class characters that their pseudonyms embody. 

It is ultimately a euphoric experience at Koko, where for just over an hour the crowd is completely embraced in the joy of dancing to a group who feel like born entertainers. The night is capped off by a cover of DJ Sammy's Heaven, which suitably sees arms thrown up in celebration one last time as Confidence Man affirms their status as one of the best live acts you can catch right now.



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