Listen exclusively to the unofficial 10 Downing Street Christmas party playlist

Our nightmare vision of the tracks and records included in the Conservative Party's secret Christmas party playlist. Expect only the worst.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 8th Dec 2021

Secret Santa, plenty of 'Cheese and Wine' and Michael Gove giving it full beans on the dancefloor, stimulated by... the music, of course, featured on the Conservative Party's specially curated, 10 Downing Street Christmas party playlist. Sounds utterly horrendous, doesn't it.

We can only begin to imagine what nightmare scenes and scenario's played out that night, at the party that never was. Karaoke in the briefing room, frolicking in the service lift and tomfoolery with pigs heads, all whilst the god awful sound of Eton goers guffawing at the plight of the middle and working classes rang out throughout the halls and corridors of the historic building. Gives us the creeps just thinking about it.


(We had to...)


But still, all this illegitimate Christmas party news has got us wondering, what would a Conservative Christmas party playlist sound like? What disastrous records would it consist of? What tunes would Bojo the Clown get down to? And does Priti Patel have a favourite Christmas jam (It's probably not Band Aid's 'Feed The World', let's be honest)? It's an intriguing thought, there's no doubt about it.

So, to poke fun at the inconsiderate ass hats supposedly governing our barely united nations, we decided to recreate said playlist. Scroll a little further down to listen to some of the 'hip and happening' tracks we think you'd be likely to hear at a 10 Downing Street Christmas shindig. 

Side note - We've also added a few numbers which describe, in an audio format, the worst party ever in the history of parties and the delinquent guests who attended. Enjoy.





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