Issey Cross Interview: “I’m just excited to show Highest Point who I am"

Doing her first ever performance at Highest Point on the Memorial Stage, we caught up with Issey Cross, and what she's hoping to bring to her first northern festival! Check out more down below!

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Last updated: 17th Apr 2024

Going from a small town in Kent to a chart topping sensation, Issey Cross has become a star in both the pop and dnb scenes. Threading her emotional grit through her music, Issey is aiming to bring that to during her first ever time at Highest Point 2024. 


With hits like ‘Bittersweet Goodbye’, and featuring on ‘Used To This’, Issey is hoping to bring something different for the Highest Point crowd on the Memorial Stage, which will also be seeing other talents. From Sarah Story’s, fellow dnb star Charlie Tee, Mozey, and many more! 


So to get ready for the long-awaited return of the Lancashire festival, we caught up with Issey Cross to talk about her expectations of her first northern festival; plus how she aims to connect with the Highest Point crowd! Check out more down below! 




Hey, Issey it's great to meet you. You’ve been into music from a young age, can you tell us a little bit about your journey and how that got you to where you are today?

“Hey, thank you. I grew up listening to people like Lorde and Tom Odell, so when I got my first guitar at 13; I just started playing and it went from there. I started doing a lot of open mic nights in Tunbridge Wells (where I kinda grew up), then started doing some stuff in London when I was about 15/16. Eventually, I just met people along the way and made my way into the industry."

"But I’ve had a lot of ups and downs including being signed to Island Records, getting dropped by a music label at the end of lockdown, writing new music for other people including dance stuff, and eventually getting signed again, where I'm back making music again which is great.” 


Now you’re in a great spot in your music career and have worked with some big names in the game already, including Wilkinson. Can you describe to us what it was like working with them and the process behind ‘Used To This’?

“Yeah, so I had a writing session with Wilkinson and Brad, who works a lot with them, and on the day we just wrote. I was kinda used to writing for songs, so we wrote these two sections and I remember leaving the session and thinking that didn’t go very well. We got a half finished song."

"It was a bit weird but then I remember a few weeks after Wilkinson sent it to me, and I was like 'OMG, that makes so much sense now' because it had all the production behind it; yeah, so it was really cool. It was kinda like a quick process, and I remember the first time we performed it, it was just super crazy.” 



Now cracking on to Highest Point, you’re used to performing to some big crowds. How do you plan on working with a northern crowd and a family-friendly festival? 

“I feel like having a few songs in the set that are quite emotional so that people can connect to it would be good. I'm looking forward to it, as I haven’t done any festivals up north, this will actually be my first, which is quite exciting.” 


This is your first time performing at Highest Point, what are you most excited about? Is there anything you’re expecting from the festival? Or something different that you want to bring during your performance? 

“I'm just excited to show the people at Highest Point who I am. Have a good time and hope that the crowd has a good time as well.”



As you know, fellow Loud LDN girl, Caity Baser will be at Highest Point this year.  I’m sure you’re excited to see her on stage. However, are there any other artists that you’re also excited to see perform or meet at Highest Point this year? 

“I'm excited to see Tom Odell because I used to be a big fan of his. Also the drum and bass things like Charlie Tee, she's so good; and it’s nice to see other girls in drum and bass too. And obviously, Caity will be good too!” 



You’ve mentioned before how your music is based on your real life experiences and you have a pretty strong discography of songs that prove that. Is there a song(s) in particular that you’re eager to perform at Highest Point? 

“I'm really excited to perform a song called ‘My Town’; which is my next new single. It’s about having energy, good friends around you and having fun together. Also, ‘Bittersweet’ is a good song to perform at the end of a set, to end on a high note. It's a happy yet sad song. Really excited to play that too.” 



Well, it's been really great talking with you Issey, and it’s so clear you have a really bright future ahead of you. We’re so excited to have you at Highest Point this year. However, can you let us in on what the rest of 2024 is looking like for you?

“Aw thank you. Yeah, I've got a lot of new music coming out, a lot of singles and a few new features, a lot of festivals this summer. I'm going on tour with Becky Hill around Europe which is exciting. Just a lot more shows and new music!” 




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