Interview with the Performer: Trixie Blue

Glimpse into the life and thoughts of our August headliner, the fabulous Trixie Blue!

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Date published: 18th Jul 2015

How did you get into burlesque?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, back in the ?good ol? days? I idolised the likes of Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra in the scantily clad Baywatch to teenage years with glamour models Jordan and Jodie Marsh. I researched these wonderful ladies and I stumbled upon pictures of the earlier ?pin ups?, such as the incredible Bettie Page. When I discovered Ms Page, I realised there was more to her than the model and being the ?Queen of pin ups? she also did something called burlesque and short fetish films! As a film graduate and a huge fan of anything taboo I continued my research on Page and burlesque. Burlesque was absent from my life until 6 years ago, when I was on a night out at Aspers Casino. I took a little trip to the powder room, I spied a poster for burlesque lessons! and as they say. the rest is history?

Top tips for aspiring performers?

OOH there is so so much I could share here but I shall keep it brief and share what I believe to be the most important tip and that is to be yourself. Sure it is cliche but you are unique, embrace your individuality and go forth and use your unique traits to create something incredible. ooh and a bonus one, be nice :-)

Performers you admire?

This is such a tough question you cheeky sausage! I promise this answer is not a cop out it is how I feel. I admire every performer I meet because burlesque is incredibly personal and subjective that it takes a lot of guts to get out there and perform. However, I do have a big soft spot for these incredible performers; Satans Angel, Lou Lou D?Vil, Bettina Spankenhaus, Tom Harlow, Scarlet Rose & Lil Auld Ladies amongst many many others.

What?s next for you?

As I firmly believe in the art of the tease, I shall leave you with this? watch this ?glittery? space guys n gals!

You can catch Trixie at the next The Spare Rib on 20th August, tickets available here.

Tickets are no longer available for this event