Ian Pooley's Debut Label Compilation 'Pooled 25'

Germany’s Ian Pooley has been a prevalent force from the word go and with his highly anticipated new compilation, Pooled 25, about to hit the shelves – this is certainly set to continue.

Eva Oyon

Date published: 7th Mar 2010


Artist: Ian Pooley
Title: Pooled 25
Label: Pooled Music
Release Date: 9th April
House music has seen many artists come and go over the years. Often dragged down by the transient sub-splinters that rise and fall within its realm. But Germany’s Ian Pooley has been a prevalent force from the word go and with his highly anticipated new compilation, Pooled 25, about to hit the shelves – this is certainly set to continue.
Since coming to the fore in 1993, Ian’s carved out a startling career - spreading the good word house from behind the decks and penning some of the most influential dance music of the last two decades. Over the last 7 years, he’s also been channeling this experience and skill into another arena. In 2003 he decided to set up his own label, quite simply titled - Pooled Music. Predominantly designed as a vehicle for his own productions and remixes, but also as a springboard for those rare exponents of the scene that sing from his very same song sheet.
Fast forward to 2010 and the label has just notched up its 25th release. For Ian you see, it’s all about quality over quantity. And few could argue that the standard kept throughout Pooled Music’s 7-year campaign has been anything but stellar.
Much of this is down to the label’s distinctive sound. Voicing deep, emotive tracks ignited by a solid groove and a dash of funk is Pooled Music's clear blueprint. That's not to say the music is simple - far from it in fact – as there is always an abundance of rich texture and sublime instrumentation to be found. But a Pooled Music track is always identifiable as a Pooled Music track, and that is a vital asset in today’s swamped digital age.
Representing this ethos is something that Ian wanted to tackle with this first label compilation and he achieves this with aplomb. The 12 tracks take in a selection of his own productions and remixes as well as sumptuous cuts from some of today’s most revered electronic artists.
From the word go, that trademark analogue bass, inherent in much of Pooled Music's output, throbs away with satisfying guile. First via the twisted soul of Osunlade's remix of Kemetic Just's 'Thank You' and then through Pooley's plump and purposeful dub of Zoo Brazil's ‘Treat Me’. By the time rising star, The Timewriter, puts his stamp on proceedings, the mix is in full and very fine flow. Pooley then treads techier waters via Viet2's interpretation of Pooley's 'It's You‘ and delves into more radiant, disco-flecked territory with Phil & Dan's 'Brighter’; before finishing with the blissful flutter of his own 'My Kicks’ revisited by painfully in form production duo – Vincenzo & Lovebirds.
It’s a mix that illustrates perfectly the many personalities of Pooled Music. Shades of Chicago, Detroit and New York are audible throughout; and there’s more than a nod to the modern day European sound championed in cities like Amsterdam, Mannheim and of course Berlin. Classic, timeless, but always innovative – that’s the Pooled manifesto.
1. Kemetic Just - Thank you (Osunlade Rmx)
2. Zoo Brazil - Treat me (Pooley Dub)
3. Ian Pooley -  All nite (Timewriter Rmx)
4. M.V.I.P. - Aviator (Pooley's Dub)
5. Ian Pooley - Around here
6. Ian Pooley - The Dark White (Juno Mix)
7. Ian Pooley - What i got (Derrick Carter Rmx)
8. Ian Pooley - It's you (Viet2 Rmx) previously unreleased
9. Phil&Dan - Brighter
10. Ian Pooley - Searchin' (Pooley Dub)
11. Ian Pooley - Heat (Magik Johnson's in da House Rmx)
12.    Ian Pooley - My Kicks (Vincenzo&Lovebirds Rmx)
Tour Dates

March 6th - Waterford, Ireland @ Basement Bar (re:publik)
March 26th: Kaunas, Lithuania @ Pop Star Bar
April 17th: Krefeld, Germany @ Katakomben (1live radio gig)
May 1st: St Gallen, Switzerland @ Trischli Club
May 8th: Erfurt, Germany @ Cosmopolar
July 10th: Berlin @ WMF