How to survive Freshers Week

Find top tips, recommendations and more in our practical guide to help you survive the hysteria of Freshers Week.

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Last updated: 24th Aug 2023

Freshers’ Week is the first taste you’ll get of university life, and it can be quite daunting. Leaving home for the first time, learning how to navigate adult tasks such as doing the laundry, cooking and budgeting for food, as well as studying and finding the time to party in a strange new place... It's a lot to take in. However, if you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself to make the most of what should be a truly unforgettable experience - one that will set you in good stead for the years to follow. 

The main goal of this welcome period is to allow you the opportunity to socialise with your fellow student, whether that be at events run by the universities themselves or at one of the countless Freshers parties taking place within some of the best student haunts in the university city or town you now reside in. And there's a whole lot of them to get your teeth stuck into (continue reading and we'll tell you where to find them and how to gain entry). But first, we'd like to share with you this handy guide to assist you through the madness that is Freshers Week.

Containing info on essential apps and the plentiful student discounts just waiting to be taken advantage of, our Freshers manual also offers help on coping with feelings of anxiety and homesickness and provides some friendly advice from some experienced post-graduates AKA the Skiddle team!

Take a skim over the following tips and recommendations. We guarantee it'll help you survive your first few weeks at university.


Exploring your new home and scoping out the best student nightspotsYou've just landed at your new base for the next few years. You've picked up the keys to your new student digs, dropped off your bags and you're ready to check out the scenery. But where do you begin? This is a question that will run through the head of every single new student no matter where they are in the UK at some point over the coming weeks. Well, you could start by checking out our Freshers Guides.

Giving you the lowdown on all the best bars, venues, student areas and more within the parameters of your new postcode, it's an unofficial student welcome pack from us to you. 

Click or tap on the cities or towns listed below to learn more...

Manchester | Liverpool | Leeds | Birmingham | London | Newcastle | Cardiff | Edinburgh | Bristol | Glasgow 



Get yourself a part-time job, take on extra shifts and start saving now!

Urgh. Part-time jobs are a drag and the last thing anyone wants to think about when starting out at university. If you've already managed to land yourself a role or you're already in one, a big old pat on the back for you. If you're currently unemployed, it's time to get out there and charm the socks off of those looking to hire.

There's a lot of partying to be had over Freshers Week and the events are some of the best you'll experience all year round. But without a healthy-ish bank balance and the finances to fuel your desires, you'll be left back in your digs all on your lonesome. Your student loans will only last so long. We speak from experience.

Some encouragement here for all you soon-to-be job-seeking Freshers... The Office for National Statistics recently posted figures which showed the number of job vacancies passed one million for the first time on record this summer. No excuses, there are jobs out there. Now go get 'em.

Find our list of other waves to save and make money at University - HERE



Download these essential Freshers App's, get tickets to the best parties and more...

Ok, so you've moved in and met your neighbours - Check. You've got a grasp on the area and you've managed to secure yourself some work - Check (Great effort). What's next? If you haven't already stocked your fridge and cupboards, you probably should but then it's time to slow it down. Pull out your phone, sit back in your throne (if you've got one), head to the app store and download some of the following essential apps...


The Skiddle app:

Obviously. Where else are you going to find all the best Freshers Week events? Not only that, our frequently updated app is packed with clubbing events, featuring performances from some of the biggest DJ names, live gigs, from both underground and established musicians and bands, comedy shows, food events and so much more!

Just type 'Freshers Week' in the search bar and filter by location, date, genre, etc, to find parties happening near you.

And since you'll likely be skint at uni, you can also use the app to become a ticket rep to earn cash or rewards just by selling tickets through your own personal link (and yes, that means you can do it on social media!)


Deliveroo and/or Just Eat:

This should need very little explanation. We all know the drill. We go out, we have a few too many shandies, we get a bit giddy and we have the time of our lives... and then our alarms go off the following day and the severity of last nights antics becomes apparent. There's no way you could possibly venture out into society in your condition. There's only one thing for it. Food to your door. A marvel of modern living. 



A must-have app for new students, especially those in bigger uni towns and cities. Who knows where the night could take you and what the weather might have in store later in the evening/early morning? Probably one of the safest means of transport, this app is guaranteed to save your bacon at one point or another. 



For those who might still be hunting down that part-time job, LinkedIn is the place. Featuring its own job listings with roles suited to your skills and abilities, it's the best way to get yourself out there and noticed by prospective employers. Furthermore, towards the end of your time at university, it'll also come in handy when trying to get some work experience or even when looking to land that dream job role. Bonus!


The BBC Good Food app:

Because even though it's good, you can't rely on Deliveroo or Just Eat to bring you meals every day. Feed your body vegetables, kids.  

There are hundreds of food apps out there to choose from but our personal favourite has to be the BBC Good Food app. Packed with over ten thousand recipes including healthy meal ideas, veggie and vegan recipes and some challenging dishes, for those who fancy themselves a bit of a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, it's the perfect place to go to learn how to cook a decent meal. 


Unidays and/or Student Beans:

Eyeing up a new pair of trainers? Maybe a new dress or some boots, or perhaps even a raincoat in anticipation of the coming autumn months? Well hold it right there - Don't part with your money just yet! Download the Unidays and/or Student Beans app and the chances are you'll receive a crazy amount of discount on that basket of goodies you've got saved. Make the right first impression at those upcoming Fresher's events at a heavily discounted price. One of our favourite student perks.


Find our list of the best Student discounts and benefits for you this year - HERE



Click or tap on the image below to find Freshers Week parties on your doorstep...




Conquer your anxiety and learn to cope with homesickness

Moving away from home for the first time, away from family and close friends can be very hard and extremely upsetting. Trust us, we know. What's equally as hard is putting yourself out there to meet new people, especially if you suffer from anxiety in social situations. Remembering this one simple line we hope will help you in overcoming any feelings of apprehension - All those beginning their first year at university are in exactly the same boat as you. Whatever you are feeling is likely being felt by your fellow undergraduates. So, if you feel up to it, reach out and introduce yourself. Be kind, ask questions and make an effort. University is a place where chances are, you'll make friends for life

If you find you're really struggling and you need to talk to someone, there are a few different avenues you can go down. Your chosen university will offer student support services such as counselling, where a trained professional will listen and offer helpful advice according to your situation. You could also try talking things over with your new flatmates if you're in shared accommodation, or you could download the Wysa mental health support app - specifically designed by therapists and counsellors to help alleviate a range of issues including anxiety, sleep loss, stress and loneliness. 



Don't overdo it! 

It's oh so easy to get carried away during Freshers Week. The sheer amount of events and parties, and the FOMO when you're not at them... it's real. But you can't attend them all and you probably couldn't afford to have anything resembling a good time if you tried. Choose your events wisely, and coordinate with your new uni friends or flatmates. Eat well, drink water and get plenty of rest or you could find yourself out of action, cooped up in bed whilst everyone else is having it large. 



Be safe and be smart

Finally, without risking sounding like your parents or guardians back home too much - Be safe and be smart! Make sure you're aware of your surroundings when out partying. Take your friend's phone numbers or the numbers of your flatmates in case you get separated or you need help. Make sure the battery on your phone is charged and you've got the Uber app should you need to get back home. Look out for your fellow students when living it up this Freshers Week. 



And that's it. The only thing left to say, and probably most importantly, is to enjoy it! It's going to have its ups and its downs but Freshers Week will be one university experience you'll never forget.  




To discover more events happening in your new city or town, head on over to our What's On Guide or get yourself some event inspiration by taking a look at our Inspire Me page


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