How to spend Halloween in Shoreditch

Check out all the killer Halloween events happening in Shoreditch this spooky season, with tickets now on sale on Skiddle!

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 21st Oct 2022

We're in crunch time now, with Halloween just around the corner, and if you live in and around Shoreditch and want an incredible Halloween event to be waiting for you around said corner, instead of the shadowy figure of your fomo. We've got you covered with this list.

There's so much going on when looking for Shoreditch Halloween events on Skiddle, we've got a heinous game of hide and seek in the town hall, fit with scare actors who come and find you, dragging you away once found; afrobeat and basement parties, where everyone dressed up in their spookiest fit; and even Shoreditch wide Halloween bar crawls, so you can embody a zombie by the end of the night, where you quite literally will be crawling home. 

So get scrolling and get a last-minute event sorted this Halloween, just make sure that your costume isn't as last minute, there are prizes to be won!


Screamfest 6: Here we come

When: Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: Shoreditch Town Hall in London

Hide and seek is a fun childhood game that evokes nothing but happy memories, right? Well, no longer. This Halloween, the innocent game of hiding and seek is being transformed by Kraken Rum into a disturbing, twisted and truly terrifying 18+ immersive horror experience.

Players have a short time to conceal themselves, then from there on in its pure unadulterated horror as players are pursued by a group of foes so expert at seeking that constantly moving from hiding place to hiding place is the only way to have any chance of remaining unfound. Hiders will need to evade the malevolent seekers for a full 20 minutes. Anyone that is caught will be dragged to a cage and locked away until the game is over. During the game, players can find collectables to exchange for Kraken rewards after the game is over. We'll catch you here quivering in the corner!


Find tickets for Screamfest 6: Here we come - here



Nightmare in Shoreditch // London's biggest Halloween bar crawl

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: Roadtrip And The Workshop in London

There are few nights that end up as messy as a bar crawl, and this Halloween, Shoreditch has you covered for a crawl that will leave you zombified. Edge your way through the bars that have been redesigned as Haunted Houses and Devilish Dungeons. Get your finest spooky garms on and join the hundreds of other Zombies, Dead Celebs, Super Heroes, Ghosts, Witches and more on the 5+ Venue crawl, with Spooky Shots and all the blood (not real blood now come on we're leaving that up to Timothee Chalamet this year) you can drink.

It's set to be the best nightmare you've ever had, so join your fellow horrifyingly dressed hipsters for the best time around in Shoreditch this Halloween, we're dying to see you there!


Find tickets for Nightmare in Shoreditch // London's biggest Halloween bar crawl - here



Shoreditch Bashment Party - Halloween Edition

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: The LightHouse Bar And Club in Shoreditch

Anyone who says Halloween has to consist of The Monster Mash and Thriller on repeat all night has clearly never even heard of this Halloween Bashment bonanza. Coming to The Lighthouse Bar and Club this spooky season is a night of the best Bashment, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, and RnB, with DJ Daggastar, DJ Spookz, Munii S, and RMB spinning the tunes and descending the room into a hellish dance. 

If this is your vibe, then there are few better Shoreditch Halloween events to check out this Halloween, so don your costume and get ready to boogie, it's gonna be a killer night!


Find tickets for Shoreditch Bashment Party - Halloween Edition - here



Cafe Mambo Ibiza Classics Halloween

When: Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: Q Shoreditch in London

Expect the unexpected this Halloween in Shoreditch, as the iconic Cafe Mambo Ibiza are set to descend on the capital for a devilish and spine-tingling party that is bound to pop off more heads than Jason Voorhees. The venue will be pimped out to the spookiest proportions, so enter if you dare. Taking place across two floors, Q Shoreditch will be transformed into a blood-curdling dungeon of fun for the day of the dead. Expect full production accompanied by a classic White Isle-inspired soundtrack, because we're all sick of the 'classic' Halloween tunes. Come out to play... you wont regret it.


Find tickets for Cafe Mambo Ibiza Classics Halloween - here



Nightmare in Shoreditch - Halloween Party

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: The Joiner Worship, London

Are You Ready For Shoreditch Biggest Ever Halloween Party!? With tunes spun by some of the best Hip-Hop DJs the capital has on offer, well, if so, there's only one question you should be asking... will you survive?

From the moment you arrive, The Joiner Worship will be transformed into Satan’s playground. The revolt against the living dead will be televised, containing dead skeletons, flying ghosts, witches, vampires and weird aliens lurking in the shadows. This is the complete Halloween experience in Shoreditch, and we can't wait to see you down the front, boogying yourself into a frenzy.


Find tickets for Nightmare in Shoreditch - Halloween Party - here



Bashment x Afrobeats - Shoreditch Halloween Party

When: Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: Catch in Shoreditch

The Afbrobeats and Bashment parties come thick and fast in Shoreditch, and whilst there are loads to choose from, this edition at Catch will leave you with a dream Freddy Kruger would be proud to invade. The night will be soundtracked, not by some DJ trying to put a spell on you, but instead by DJ Daggastar, DJ Spookz, Munii S, and RMB spinning the best in Bashment, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, and RnB, and descending the room into a hellish dance. 

So if your Spotify primarily consists of these genres, then you know where you have to be this Halloween, it's gonna be a killer night that you won't be forgetting anytime soon. 


Find tickets for Bashment x Afrobeats - Shoreditch Halloween Party - here



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