Godskitchen @ Air - Friday 5th December 2003

Godskitchen @ Air, Heathmill Lane, Digbeth, BirminghamOxygen Arena - Tomcraft, Michael De Hey, Cor Fijneman, Petrae Foy; Nitrogen Room/Polysexual - Paul Glazby, K90 Live, Rob Tissera, Hinsley; Carbon Lounge - Emma & Vicky B, Andy Rowley, Chris Turner

Date published: 11th Dec 2003

Big occasions call for big parties and there are few bigger than your 21st at Godskitchen with its recently refurbished venue, Air. The line up for the night favoured hard dance, with Paul Glazby, Rob Tissera and K90 Live headlining the Nitrogen Room in association with Polysexual. Downstairs, the Oxygen Arena saw Tomcraft, Cor Fijneman and Petrae Foy supplying a wide variety of trance from techy to melodic.

Our journey to Birmingham from Preston could have been better. A ‘security alert’ two stops out of Preston saw an extra half hour added to our trip. Luckily we were firmly stocked up on beer so time passed relatively quickly. Upon arrival to Air we were greeted by the friendly door staff who rushed us in after a quick name check. After that it was over to the bar - Air’s only downside, as the drinks are still very expensive. There were plenty of seats available to enjoy our drinks whilst Petrae warmed up downstairs. He really got the crowd rocking when he started to scratch heavily over some cool techy Marco V style trance.

Where the main room used to have an upper balcony, this has now been ‘filled in’ to make the Nitrogen room. Strangely, this room still feels like it has always been there and fits into the building nicely. Thankfully, the air conditioning has been extended to cover the new room and as always, it’s very effective making dancing enjoyable. After a quick stop in the Nitrogen Room we went upstairs to the Carbon Lounge.
The Carbon Lounge has had a refit but it is nothing as dramatic as the previous two rooms. The décor has changed and it would appear there were more seats, or this could have been that everyone was out dancing! Unfortunately it is still the smokiest room by far in the entire venue and it still seems to be the one location all the otherwise unnoticeable security staff congregates. The residents were doing a good job spinning funky house, although as ever it still seemed to be chill out funky rather than shake-your-ass funky.

We headed downstairs to catch the last of Cor, catching him drop a remix of Andain - Beautiful Things and Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes. Tomcraft followed with a DJ set, starting with DK – Murder Was The Bass, then dropping both Loneliness and Into The Light within the first five tracks. We headed up to catch Rob Tissera mix into 4 Motion – Over For Me and the whole room went crazy! Definitely one of the nights highlights. We had recently seen Rob in Preston at Feel where he was slightly less banging but equally as good.

We stayed around to catch a very smiley K90. He was brilliant live and watching him hammer his keyboards and twiddle the effects made it all the more enjoyable. The Nitrogen room has its very own bar, but we decided to go back to the main room to catch a bit of Michael De Hey. Before we knew where we were, everyone was rushing upstairs for Glazby. We managed to catch K90 play Olly Perris & Ashley Sinclair – The Venue as his last tune. The whole room went crazy as Madders introduced Glazby, who proceeded to start harder than most DJ’s dare finish! The crowd stayed pretty consistent in numbers throughout the night and the atmosphere during the last hour and a half in the Nitrogen room was second to none.

Overall the venue may have a new name, but the trademark features of Godskitchen remain. The clubbers are still amazingly ‘up for it’, the sound system has been refined to almost sonic perfection and when dancing amongst the crowd, the combination of friendly faces, brilliant music and spectacular visual effects make every night at Gods a memorable one. Roll on our next outing to Gods!

(Picture curtsey of ResidentClubber.co.uk, our photos will be up shortly!)