Football's Coming Home Again - England World Cup chants and songs ranked

“Southgate you’re the one, you still turn me on, football’s coming home again” - We ranked England songs and chants for you to learn in time for the 2022 World Cup.

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Last updated: 2nd Nov 2022

It’s almost time to cheer on England as they battle it out at the biggest football event in the world. After coming so close at the Euro’s, we’re all dying to see England bring it home again. And we’ve got a pretty good chance of it happening too.

To get you in the mood, we ranked some of the best England World Cup chants and songs, from daft tunes to legendary staples you hear at every England match. Learn the lyrics and be ready to sing with pride this World Cup


The World Is Yours To Take - Lil Baby

While not strictly an England anthem, this is the official 2022 FIFA World Cup song, so it deserves a mention. Even though it’s without a doubt the worst. It’s got nothing on the World Cup bangers of yesteryear like Waka Waka and Wavin’ Flag. It’s dead in comparison and instantly loses points for ruining a classic.  



We're On The Ball - Ant And Dec 

Yep, it’s bad. But at least it’s got an easy-to-sing chorus with some energy. And there’s no way you can sing this and sound worse than the original, because the original sounds like lads after a few VKs giving karaoke a whirl on a lad's holiday in Magaluf. 



Shout for England - Dizzee Rascal & James Corden

While James Corden has received some bad press recently following an incident in a restaurant, we can’t deny this banger with Dizzee Rascal doesn’t hit. A decent rework of the Tears For Fears tune Shout, everyone knows and loves the chorus, and Dizzee brings some hard verses. 



We Are The Champions - Queen

Yeah, it’s not really a proper footie song, but we guarantee we’ll be hearing people singing it if England bring it home this year. Dramatic as hell, it really encapsulates the feeling of glory that only winning the World Cup can evoke. 



Meat Pie Sausage Roll - Grandad Roberts and His Son Elvis

What’s more English than a meat pie and a sausage roll? The only downside to this daft but golden tune is that we can’t imagine many will be singing it during the tournament. But if they do, it’ll be a proper laugh. 



Carnaval De Paris - Dario G


The whistles, the melody, the energy - it’s one of the most iconic World Cup songs. Again, it’s not really an England one, but it’s a banger, and it seems like we English fans have adopted it as one of our own. 



Club Foot - Kasabian 

A proper football anthem with all the carnage, pride, and raw energy a match brings, Club Foot is one of the footiest football anthems to have graced our ears. Easy to sing along to thanks to half of the chorus being “na na na na na nah”, it’s perfect for getting you in the mood for a game, even after you’ve had a few too many pints. 



I'm England 'Till I Die - The England Band

Simple, catchy, and proud. It’s basically everything you want in a footie chant. 



Southgate You’re The One (Football’s Coming Home Again) - Atomic Kitten

Who’d have thought crowds of tipsy middle-aged men with pints in both hands would unite in singing a song by a 00s girl group? 

The lyrics were changed by fans to “Southgate you're the one, you still turn me on, football's coming home again". And like the good sports they are, Atomic Kitten rerecorded it with the new and improved Southgate-loving lyrics. 

This one gets extra points for creating stunning scenes of drunken macho football fans singing a girly pop song at the top of their lungs. We love to see it. 



World In Motion - New Order 

A classic by a much-loved English band, World In Motion is obviously about footie. But it doesn't fall into the trap that other football songs do, in which they all end up sounding the same, dated, and bland.



Here We Go - The England Band 

Is there a chant that revs you up for a game better than this one? It’s electric and instantly gets you ready for even the toughest of matches. 



Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond 

Few songs are as British as Sweet Caroline. And no one can hit them “bom bom bom”s like excited English football fans, as proven during the 2020 Euro’s. An absolute banger and as English as it can get, it became the anthem for the Euro’s and was the chant that led the women’s team at this year's Euro’s, too. We reckon it’ll make a much-welcomed appearance during this year's World Cup.




Simply “Engerland” over and over, it's not the pinnacle of song writing, but we all end up singing it during a game. We’re pretty sure every English baby is born knowing this one. 



Vindaloo - Fat Les

One of the most popular footie anthems penned, Vindaloo was destined for greatness with easy-to-sing lyrics and that staple British humour. Good luck finding an England fan who doesn’t know this one.



Three Lions '98 (Football's Coming Home) - Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds 

With a chorus based around the country’s favourite football phrase, it’d be impressive to get through even the first World Cup game and not hear people screaming it at the top of their lungs. “Football’s coming home” is a simple phrase with a lot of meaning that’s been immortalised in a song we all know and love. So stick it on and hype yourself up because football’s coming home! 



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