Fair Refund Policy

We've got a brand new refunds policy designed on making things as fair as possible for our customers - read on to learn more.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 11th Feb 2015

In keeping with our long held attitude of remaining fair and transparent towards you, our lovely customers, we can announce today a brand new refunds policy which goes above and beyond the standard practice offered by many ticketing agents.

When an event is cancelled we will now refund booking fees as standard - not just the price of the ticket. It ensures if you suffer the disappointment of an event that can no longer take place we will never charge you a booking fee as well, a policy that is far from widespread within the sector.

We've always been different from many of our competitors, best reflected by the fact that you will always see face value, booking fees and postage costs all clearly labelled on every event page, not hidden until you purchase. We're also one of the few agents who actively request your reviews, something we do to make your experience better and keep you happy (and because we love you).

Ticketing remains an issue hotly topical in the current economic climate, with Which Magazine investigations into fair pricing (with which we fully complied) alongside Culture Secretary Sajid Javid and comedian Stewart Lee recently clashing over the morality of Secondary Ticket agents.

We've always been about being as fair as possible, and this move is to make sure we continue to do so. As ever, thanks again for all your continued custom.