End of Year Quiz 2009

In the world of celebrity, 2009 has seen more ups and downs, and thrills and spills than a rollercoaster ride. Babies, new romances, weddings, divorces, deaths and bizarre behaviour were all on the agenda and the usual suspects, as well as a few new faces

Ben Sebborn

Date published: 24th Dec 2009

In the world of celebrity, 2009 has seen more ups and downs, and thrills and spills than a rollercoaster ride. Babies, new romances, weddings, divorces, deaths and bizarre behaviour were all on the agenda and the usual suspects, as well as a few new faces, were all involved in the year's biggest and most outrageous stories. But how closely have you been following the antics of the showbiz circus? Why was 2009 a year to forget for Rihanna? Why will Michael Jackson fans never forget last summer? How many star couples welcomed new additions to their families in the last 12 months? And just who was Katy Perry kissing as well as a girl? Put you knowledge to the test and find out whether you're worthy to walk the red carpet as an A-lister or are you destined for the Z-list and a stint on reality TV in our annual end of year quiz!

1. LeAnn Rimes announced she was divorcing Dean Sheremet in September. What does he do for a living?

a) Banker

b) Record producer

c) Dancer

d) Chef

2. Which Hollywood hunk was spotted cuddling up to both Cameron Diaz and Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts during a particularly eventful stay in London?

a) Colin Farrell

b) Vince Vaughn

c) Jesse Metcalfe

d) Leonardo DiCaprio

3. What's the name Sienna Miller's new DJ boyfriend George Barker uses when he performs?

a) DJ Speedy Cat

b) DJ Slinky Wizard

c) DJ Spunky Dog

d) DJ Smarty Pants

4. How many Teen Choice Awards did vampire drama 'Twilight' win?

a) 13

b) 0

c) 11

d) 5

5. Which pop superstar suddenly died suddenly in June leaving the world stunned?

a) Prince

b) Michael Jackson

c) Whitney Houston

d) George Michael

6. Amanda Seyfried was ashamed of her lesbian kiss with which actress in 2009 horror comedy 'Jennifer's Body'?

a) Jessica Alba

b) Megan Fox

c) Keira Knightley

d) Angelina Jolie

7. Which ageing rocker said he wanted Johnny Depp to play him in a biopic of his life?

a) Gene Simmons

b) Bono

c) Axl Rose

d) Ozzy Osbourne

8. Sarah Jessica Parker became a mother to twin girls earlier this year via a surrogate - what did she call them?

a) Charlotte and Miranda

b) Lily and Grace

c) Tabitha and Marion

d) Vivienne and Joan

9. Which singer did Jennifer Aniston split from in March?

a) John Mayer

b) George Michael

c) Prince

d) Taylor Swift

10. Where did Paris Hilton's on/off boyfriend Doug Reindhart take the socialite to rekindle their romance this summer?

a) Maldives

b) Fiji

c) France

d) Iceland

11. Who was invited to host the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) for the second time this year?

a) Russell Brand

b) Katy Perry

c) Justin Timberlake

d) Madonna

12. What animal did Amy Winehouse pose as when she contacted her ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil on Facebook?

a) Cat

b) Dog

c) Ferret

d) Moose

13. Jessica Simpson split from American football star Tony Romo in July. What was significant about the day he dumped her?

a) It was his birthday

b) It was the day before her birthday

c) It was their anniversary

d) It was the anniversary of Jessica's split from Nick Lachey

14. Who adopted a baby girl from Korea this year?

a) Jennifer Aniston

b) Katherine Heigl

c) Meg Ryan

d) Celine Dion

15. Whose crotch-skimming pink satin gown saw her named Worst Dressed at the Hollywood Style Awards?

a) Pamela Anderson

b) Madonna

c) Lady Gaga

d) Paris Hilton

16. Which of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children made an appearance alongside their father in his film 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'?

a) Pax Thien

b) Shiloh

c) Maddox

d) Zahara

17. Avril Lavigne announced she was divorcing Deryck Whibley in October. How old was she when she got married?

a) 19

b) 20

c) 21

d) 22

18. What month did Peter Andre walk out on his wife Katie Price?

a) March

b) April

c) May

d) June

19. Which former Playboy housemate announced she was expecting her first child this year?

a) Holly Madison

b) Crystal Harris

c) Kendra Wilkinson

d) Bridget Marquardt

20. Which actor who didn't like his "baby put in a corner" tragically lost his fight with cancer in 2009?

a) Tom Cruise

b) Heath Ledger

c) Tom Hanks

d) Patrick Swayze

21. How did Jamie Foxx pay tribute to the late 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson at the BET Awards?

a) Donned a sequinned glove and moonwalked across the stage

b) Recited a poem he had written

c) Bared his chest to reveal a life-size tattoo of Michael's face

d) Sung 'Billie Jean' to the tune of 2005 hit 'Gold Digger'

22. How many Days of Summer did Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have to endure in the title of their indie rom-com they starred in this year?

a) 100

b) 500

c) 200

d) 1000

23. Robbie Williams released his first single in almost two years in October. What was it called?

a) You Know Me

b) Bodies

c) Angels

d) Aliens

24. Which celebrity has banned their staff from eating fish?

a) Katie Price

b) Ozzy Osbourne

c) Pamela Anderson

d) Stella McCartney

25. Katy Perry split from Gym Class Heroes rocker Travis McCoy in the springtime. But which lothario has been helping mend her broken heart?

a) Russell Brand

b) Gerard Butler

c) Justin Timberlake

d) George Clooney

26. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden welcomed their second child into the world this year - what did they call their new son?

a) Hawk

b) Eagle

c) Sparrow

d) Robin

27. Which awards ceremony saw socialite Paris Hilton win a record three prizes?

a) Academy Awards

b) Grammy Awards

c) Teen Choice Awards

d) Razzie Awards

28. Which Hollywood hunk has unlucky-in-love actress Jennifer Aniston NOT been romantically linked to during the last 12 months?

a) Gerard Butler

b) Dominic Cooper

c) Bradley Cooper

d) John Mayer

29. Who celebrated the arrival of baby daughter Lou in October?

a) Heidi Klum and Seal

b) Courteney Cox and David Arquette

c) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

d) Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell

30. Which reality TV star, who shot to fame on 'Big Brother', passed away in March?

a) Chanelle Hayes

b) Chantelle Houghton

c) Ulrika Jonsson

d) Jade Goody

31. Which of this year's sci-fi / action films caused a stir when a version was leaked onto the internet ahead of its planned theatrical release date?

a) 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

b) 'Watchmen'

c) 'G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra'

d) 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'

32. Which Australian star was reportedly cuddling up to Britain's Prince Harry this summer?

a) Nicole Kidman

b) Naomi Watts

c) Natalie Imbruglia

d) Kylie Minogue

33. What was the name of the girl Madonna adopted from Malawi?

a) Mercy

b) Destiny

c) Lola

d) Faith

34. Which Hollywood couple admitted to having "passionate" sex in the back of their limousine on the way to the Academy Awards?

a) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

b) Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

c) Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

d) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

35. Christian Bale's temper got the better of him, prompting a screaming fit at a crew member which became a very famous internet video in February - but which film was he making at the time?

a) 'Terminator Salvation'

b) 'Public Enemies'

c) 'The Dark Knight'

d) 'The Hangover'

36. Whose young daughter is reported to have a wardrobe worth over $3 million?

a) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

b) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

c) Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

d) Heidi Klum and Seal

37. Girls Aloud announced they were going on hiatus to pursue separate projects this year. Which was the first member to release a solo single?

a) Kimberley Walsh

b) Cheryl Cole

c) Nadine Coyle

d) Nicola Roberts

38. What type of pet, costing $4,500, did Paris Hilton treat herself to in October?

a) Chihuahua

b) Ferret

c) Micro Pig

d) Kinkajou

39. Which actor does Courtney Cox and David Arquette's five-year-old daughter have a crush on?

a) Zac Efron

b) Robert Pattinson

c) Russell Brand

d) Tom Cruise

40. Slumdog Millionaire was the biggest winner at this year's Oscars, scooping Eight Academy Awards - but which of the following did it not win?

a) Best Supporting actor

b) Best Director

c) Best Picture

d) Best Film Editing

41. Which one time Charlie's Angel went to heaven this year?

a) Cameron Diaz

b) Kate Jackson

c) Drew Barrymore

d) Farrah Fawcett

42. British comedian Ricky Gervais stunned the audience at this year's Golden Globes when he presented an award to an actress and said "I told you, do a Holocaust movie and the awards come, didn't I?" But who was the actress?

a) Diane Kruger

b) Kate Hudson

c) Keira Knightley

d) Kate Winslet

43. Which outspoken singer with a penchant for older men is getting ready to move in with her new builder boyfriend?

a) Miley Cyrus

b) Lady Gaga

c) Lily Allen

d) Britney Spears

44. Several groups put their differences behind them to go back out on the road in 2009. But who didn't?

a) Blur

b) Spandau Ballet

c) Blink 182

d) The Stone Roses

45. Who confessed to taking so many drugs, they forgot they were a famous singer?

a) Whitney Houston

b) Pete Doherty

c) Amy Winehouse

d) Robbie Williams

46. Which celebrity claimed their dog was a lesbian?

a) Paris Hilton

b) Jessica Simpson

c) Sandra Bullock

d) Kendra Wilkinson

47. Katie Price began dating cage-fighter Alex Reid following her split from Peter Andre. What is Alex's cross-dressing alter-ego called?

a) Alexa

b) Peta

c) Jordan

d) Roxanne

48. Which Hollywood star has had a busy 2009, reportedly canoodling with her TV show co-star Kevin Connolly, Lindsay Lohan's millionaire ex-boyfriend Harry Morton and British TV presenter Steve Jones?

a) Hayden Panettierre

b) Kristen Stewart

c) Megan Fox

d) Scarlett Johansson

49. Back in February, hip-hop star Kanye West started dating a shaven-headed model. But what is the beauty's name?

a) Amber Petal

b) Amber Rose

b) Amber Daisy

c) Amber Chrysanthemum

50. Who became a father for the fourth time after a brief fling with a US model?

a) David Beckham

b) Seal

c) Jude Law

d) Tom Cruise

51. Which actress gasped and sobbed her way through her Best Actress acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards?

a) Kate Winslet

b) Halle Berry

c) Freida Pinto

d) Helen Mirren

52. Which boy band star died at the age of 33 in October?

a) Gary Barlow

b) Justin Timberlake

c) Stephen Gately

d) Ronan Keating

53. In how many countries did Lindsay Lohan's sole film of 2009, 'Labor Pains', open in cinemas?

a) Zero

b) Four

c) Eight

d) Twenty

54. Which catwalk beauty's dog landed a modelling contract?

a) Claudia Schiffer

b) Kate Moss

c) Linda Evangelista

d) Elle Macpherson

55. What did Lindsay Lohan accuse her on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson of calling her in a furious Twitter posting?

a) Firecrotch

b) A bad actress

c) Ugly

d) Gross

56. Which controversial rocker shaved a swastika into the body hair of an adult movie star he was dating?

a) Liam Gallagher

b) Marilyn Manson

c) Ozzy Osbourne

d) Bono

57. Who became the proud parents of a little girl named Seraphina Rose in January?

a) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

b) Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

c) Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

d) Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson

58. Who stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards after Sacha Baron Cohen swung down from the ceiling and thrust his naked butt in their face?

a) Kanye West

b) Mariah Carey

c) Eminem

d) Pink

59. Who joined the Pet Shop Boys on stage to perform the closing number at the BRIT Awards?

a) Take That

b) Lady Gaga and Killers singer Brandon Flowers

c) Kylie and Dannii Minogue

d) Duffy and Adele

60. What was Michael Jackson's 50-date London residency called?

a) This Is It

b) That Was That

c) Was That It

d) Thriller Live

61. Mickey Rourke paid tribute to his dogs in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. A month later, his most publicised pet Chihuahua died. What was the pooch's name?

a) Beau Jack

b) Jaws

c) Chocolate

d) Loki

62. Sean Penn called off divorce proceedings against Robin Wright Penn in May, only for Robin to restart them in what month this year?

a) August

b) May

c) July

d) January

63. Which troubled songstress is likely to find a George Foreman grill in her Christmas stocking after reportedly dating the boxer's son 'Monk'?

a) Lily Allen

b) Amy Winehouse

c) Jessica Simpson

d) Christina Aguilera

64. Whose real name is Stefani Germanotta?

a) Duffy

b) Little Boots

c) Lady Gaga

d) La Roux

65. Which legendary band split in the summer after a huge bust-up just minutes before they were due on stage?

a) The Rolling Stones

b) Oasis

c) U2

d) Coldplay

66. Which Hollywood hunk reportedly contacted his dead pet via a psychic?

a) Matt Damon

b) Ben Affleck

c) George Clooney

d) Keifer Sutherland

67. Taylor Swift won Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), but who interrupted her acceptance speech?

a) Kanye West

b) Beyonce Knowles

c) Her dad

d) Miley Cyrus

68. Which singer was 'attacked' by a frog while in Australia on tour?

a) Nicole Scherzinger

b) Beyonce Knowles

c) Pink

d) Leona Lewis

69. What did actor James Nesbitt say to make Kate Moss march out of the GQ Awards shouting expletives and muttering 'He's so rude!'?

a) That she wasn't as good-looking as he'd expected

b) That he'd had sex with her backstage

c) That she had put on weight

d) That she's too old to wear such revealing outfits

70. Which celebrity couple splashed out £50,000 on a custom-made home for their children's gerbils?

a) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

b) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

c) Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

d) Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

71. Which wild singer splashed out thousands on a breast enlargement operation in 2009 to look back to her best?

a) Amy Winehouse

b) Celine Dion

c) Whitney Houston

d) Shakira

72. What was the name of Jay-Z's hit 2009 album?

a) The Blueprint 1

b) The Blueprint 2

c) The Blueprint 3

d) Wonderwall Music

73. Harry Potter returned to the big screen this year but what was his latest adventure called?

a) Harry Potter and the Bloody Prince

b) Harry Potter and the Full-Blooded Prince

c) Harry Potter Gives Blood

d) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

74. Which famous daughter of a billionaire TV businessman tied the knot in the last 12 months?

a) Kimberly Stewart

b) Peaches Geldof

c) Ivanka Trump

d) Taylor Ann Hasselhoff

75. Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odom this year. But what sport does Lamar play professionally?

a) American Football

b) Baseball

c) Basketball

d) Soccer

76. Which Hollywood actor became a father for the eighth time in October?

a) Jude Law

b) Clint Eastwood

c) Mel Gibson

d) Michael Douglas

77. Which R'n'B singer who likes to 'pop his collar' divorced his wife this year?

a) Chris Brown

b) Usher

c) Taio Cruz

d) Akon

78. Which religious deity does Madonna's new boyfriend share his name with?

a) Buddha

b) Krishna

c) Moses

d) Jesus

79. What was the name of the latest 'Twilight' blockbuster, starring Robert Pattinson, released in 2009?

a) New Fangs

b) New Blood

c) New Sun

d) New Moon

80. Which member of Take That experienced his Greatest Day this year when he got married in November?

a) Gary Barlow

b) Mark Owen

c) Howard Donald

d) Jason Orange

81. How many MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) did Beyonce Knowles win in Berlin in November?

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

d) Seven

82. What kind of boys was Alexandra Burke looking for in her 2009 hit single?

a) Good boys

b) Naughty boys

c) Bad boys

d) Sexy boys

83. Which British girl group kicked out their last original member this year?

a) Girls Aloud

b) Spice Girls

c) Bananarama

d) Sugababes

84. Which American rock band announced they were playing a residency at The 02 Arena at the end of 2009?

a) Kiss

b) Bon Jovi

c) Motley Crue

d) Metallica

85. Which one of Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriends threw him an early 50th birthday party in the summer?

a) Jackie St Claire

b) Terri Seymour

c) Sinitta

d) Dannii Minogue

86. Which film funnyman was announced as the host of the next Golden Globe Awards this year?

a) Russell Brand

b) Ricky Gervais

c) Adam Sandler

d) Will Ferrell

87. What was the name of the clothing range launched by Liam Gallagher?

a) Pretty Blue

b) Pretty Good

c) Pretty Awful

d) Pretty Green

88. Which star posthumously won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar at the 2009 Academy Awards?

a) Paul Newman

b) Roy Scheider

c) Heath Ledger

d) Charlton Heston

89. Which member of the 'American Idol' judging panel surprisingly quit the show this year?

a) Simon Cowell

b) Paula Abdul

c) Randy Jackson

d) Kara DioGuardi

90. Who permanently took the departed judge's place on the 'American Idol' panel?

a) Victoria Beckham

b) Shania Twain

c) Mary J. Blige

d) Ellen DeGeneres

91. What did Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. call their baby daughter?

a) Charlotte

b) Buffy

c) Scooby

d) Summer

92. Which pop star had to cancel her show in Malaysia this year after it was branded "immoral" by a Muslim pressure group?

a) Gwen Stefani

b) Britney Spears

c) Madonna

d) Beyonce Knowles

93. Which 'George' was released from prison after serving time for the assault and false imprisonment of a male escort?

a) George Michael

b) George Clooney

c) Boy George

d) George of the Jungle

94. Which actor was left heartbroken after his son died at the beginning of 2009?

a) Jim Carrey

b) John Travolta

c) Clive Owen

d) Brad Pitt

95. Jack White formed another band in 2009. What were they called?

a) The White Stripes

b) The Raconteurs

c) The Dead Weather

d) Killer White

96. Who was Rihanna assaulted by before the Grammys this year?

a) Jay-Z

b) Chris Brown

c) Kanye West

d) T.I.

97. Which Hollywood actor discovered he owed $6 million in unpaid taxes?

a) Tom Hanks

b) Jim Carrey

c) Nicolas Cage

d) Sylvester Stallone

98. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz landed a role in a US TV show this year. Which one?

a) 90210

b) Melrose Place

c) Gossip Girl

d) The Hills

99. Susan Boyle became an overnight sensation worldwide after singing a song from which musical on UK TV talent show 'Britain's Got Talent'?

a) Cats

b) Grease!

c) Hairspray

d) Les Miserables

100. Which actress suddenly died in December aged just 32?

a) Britney Spears

b) Farrah Fawcett

c) Brittany Murphy

d) Demi Moore


1) c

2) d

3) b

4) C

5) b

6) b

7) d

8) c

9) a

10) b

11) b

12) a

13) b

14) b

15) a

16) b

17) c

18) c

19) c

20) d

21) a

22) b

23) b

24) d

25) a

26) c

27) d

28) b

29) a

30) d

31) a

32) c

33) a

34) b

35) a

36) b

37) b

38) c

39) a

40) a

41) d

42) d

43) c

44) d

45) a

46) b

47) d

48) a

49) b

50) c

51) a

52) c

53) a

54) d

55) d

56) b

57) a

58) c

59) b

60) a

61) d

62) a

63) b

64) c

65) b

66) c

67) a

68) c

69) b

70) a

71) a

72) c

73) d

74) c

75) c

76) c

77) b

78) d

79) d

80) b

81) a

82) c

83) d

84) b

85) a

86) b

87) d

88) C

89) b

90) d

91) a

92) d

93) c

94) b

95) c

96) b

97) c

98) b

99) b

100) c

How did you do?

75 - 100: Welcome to the A-list. You know more about the lives of the stars than their personal assistants do. You haven't missed a wedding, birth, break-up or bust-up and even known the names of those pampered pets. You are ready to be the nanny to Jude Law's new baby (does the position still come with extra benefits?) or Rihanna's personal bodyguard. All you need now is some paparazzi to follow you around and a red carpet to walk.

50 - 75: Well done. You have a keen eye for spotting stars and their misadventures. Oasis' split didn't leave you looking back in anger, and you know more about Jennifer Aniston's love life than she does. Keep your finger on the celebrity pulse and next year you could become a true gossip guru.

25 - 50: Oh dear, your interest in the showbiz world seems to be the same as Kanye West's interest in Taylor Swift's music. You're about as good at keeping track of who's dating who as Nicolas Cage is at keeping track of his tax payments. Much hard work is needed over the next 12 months if you are to make the jump from the C-list to the A-list.

0 - 25: You are a total Z-lister! You are to quizzes what Michael Lohan is to parenting. You obviously haven't heard of the internet and think paparazzi is a flavour of Italian ice-cream. If you want to start climbing the slippery showbiz ladder you better make sure you read up daily on the trials and tribulations of the glitterati or its dinner with Amy Winehouse for you.