Danny Rampling Interview: Music is what I do

We catch up with Danny Rampling ahead of his appearance at Hacienda at the Coronet in June.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 7th Jun 2013.
Originally published: 28th May 2013

With modern dance music close to thirty years old, there’s an abundance of events that pop up celebrating the impact the genre has had since its explosion in the eighties. One of the most important events of them all, The Hacienda, sees regular events in Manchester and elsewhere in the country, with June seeing the reverential clubnight taking up residence in The Coronet for a one off party in London.

Among the guests that night is legendary Danny Rampling, so we spoke to him about his theories on the longevity of acid house and the movements he helped spearhead.

Hi Danny, thanks for talking to us. What are you up to at present? 

Right now I'm preparing playlists for weekends club appearances and working on music, as always.

Your legendary party Shoom celebrated a quarter of a century at the end of last year; congratulations! Did you envisage it ever still being this relevant when you started it off?

Acid house had a great effect on music and youth culture, as all new movements like punk, rock n roll and disco have had a long lasting effect on our way of life. The music has continued to develop from its core some 25 years later and still shows no signs of slowing down, and at last the USA has finally caught on to Electronic dance music on a grand scale. I am very happy to be here some 25 years later doing what I love, which is playing music and sharing good times on the dancefloor.

You’re also playing at the Hacienda event in London at the coronet theatre. How important is it for the acid house era to be celebrated at events like this, and is it proof that the hugely influential music of that time will never die?

Acid House changed a generation’s mindset and approach to life, it was a wave of collective consciousness from all who embraced the movement, which unitied youth culture and beyond. The Hacienda was one of the first clubs to promote the sound in the UK alongside Shoom and a few other club nights. I also played the Hac at that time and it was an incredible atmosphere within that great club space. The Hacienda was my first ever DJ set outside of London in 88.

Looking beyond that we’ve noticed you’re also playing the Ibiza Carnival in Birmingham in August. Are you playing the island as well this year? And what makes Ibiza such an enduring destination year after year?

I have no plans to go to Ibiza this year as of yet, as I will be Djing in USA and Asia this summer and hosting a further Shoom party in August.

How proud do you feel about the history of the Island, what with your pivotal role in establishing it in the eighties?

I am proud to be part of the islands night life history of course, as I have done so much to promote the music and Balearic scene over the years. I don’t know where the island is heading with its present changing demographic, although there will always be something for everyone there.

You almost walked away from music a few years ago only to have a change in heart and realise it was too important to leave behind. What would be your advice to other DJs, and artists who may be pondering on a similar move?

I made a move due to personal issues, music is what I do and I am unemployable anywhere else and frankly love what I do. I’m also grateful for doing somethiing I love as a career over something a job that I may dislike.

There’s no need for anyone to make a move out of music as long as one has the passion, energy and enthusiasm one can keep going for many years to come. If I hadn’t have stepped away for a couple of years I would not have had the time to write a book (Everything you need to know about Djing).

What DJs and producers are currently exciting you? And what clubnights do you frequent on a regular basis?

Kris Di Angelis, Ilona Rampling , Borja Pena , DJ PP, Luscious Flavore – really into the work of these.

And finally, what else lies in the future for you?

Soon to launch Rampling digital which is a music download site of both back catalogue tracks and a platform for new producers and DJs alike. We are also setting up a DJ workshop with UK company Mastermix Digital  which will be commecing fall 2013 and  procing music and Djing together with my wife known as Mr + Mrs Rampling.





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