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Danny Howard talks Freshers' Week

With Freshers season fast approaching, we thought we'd help you out by asking Radio One's Danny Howard to give us the ins and outs of Freshers' Week.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 18th Sep 2014

Image:Danny Howard

With Freshers fast approaching, many of you will be bracing yourselves to part your boring hometowns in place of somewhere a lot more more exciting, but most importantly away from the wrath of your parents, allowing you to do pretty much what you want, apart from the obligatory all nighters on the eve of your deadlines of course.

For returning students it's all well and good having previously surpassed the daunting opening seven days, so we thought we'd help the incoming Freshers out by asking Radio One dance music maestro Danny Howard about tips and advice he has for Freshers' Week, having started off his very own DJ career during his time at University in Liverpool (check out the Liverpool Freshers' Guide here). 

Hi Danny, thanks for speaking to us! There's thousands of students starting University shortly, are you a little bit jealous of them?

No Problem, yes very. University was such an amazing experience for me and also the place where I learnt to DJ properly, so I like to reminisce from time to time about all the crazy nights out I had. Looking back, I probably should have studied more but I wouldn’t go back and change anything given the opportunity. 

What would be your five main bits of advice for someone heading somewhere new for the first time?

OK, in true university style, here come the bullet points: 

• Don’t be afraid of meeting new people, especially at uni. These people may well just become your friends for life.

• Be adventurous! Don’t be scared of trying new things, get amongst it! 

• Have plenty of paracetamol and vitamin C ready at all times during Freshers' Week.

• Fancy dress is a must throughout your entire first year.

• Don’t put a pizza in the oven when you get in from a night out…Unless you like it extra, extra crispy. 

How important was your time at University for your Djing career?

It was so important. Due to the amount of time I had on my hands as a result of having a whole year to re-sit one module for second year, I needed something to do, and I always wanted to be a DJ. So I just dedicated all my time to learning music and DJing. 

Once I’d got the hang of it , I blagged a gig in my Students’ Union and got all my friends to go up to the manager after my set to comment on how much they ‘loved the music'. It was quite funny when he came to me the next day to say he’d received lots of positive feedback! 

Blag or not, it was the start of me becoming a resident for the first time and hard work followed to learn how to read a crowd properly. 

Will you be playing many university dates in the next few months? Where else can we see you…

Yes, I always make sure I get to as many Freshers' parties as possible, I just love the vibe and how ‘up for it’ people are. This month I’ll be playing SU’s everywhere from Glasgow right down to Bournemouth. (Check here for full listings).

My Ibiza residency at Pacha continues until 4th October, so I’ll be there every Saturday and I’m really excited to be playing Mint Festival at Lincoln Racecourse. I’ve played it for the last two years and it’s always a big way to officially end the summer!

Finally what's been your highlight of the summer?

Ibiza every week has been absolutely sensational as it’s a dream come true for me to play the world famous Pacha as a resident - it’s very surreal to play such an iconic venue where so many legends have made their names. If I had to pick one set, it would have to be T In The Park in Scotland. I played in front of a five thousand strong crowd and they had so much energy, I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t stop smiling for days after!

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