DJs and electronic acts to watch out for in 2023

Looking for the next big thing? Well, this list is a pretty great place to start. Scroll down and check out all of the DJs and Electronic acts Skiddle thinks are gonna smash 2023 out of the park!

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Date published: 19th Dec 2022

We've told you all about our albums of the year, and Ewan McVicar was crowned our artist of the year, but now, instead of looking at the year gone by, we're going to look forward, to 2023, at the up-and-coming DJs and electronic acts who we here at Skiddle think are going to break through their ceiling and take the year by storm. 

We've got artists who've released their first album in the past year, whose incendiary live shows simply cannot be missed; DJs who have come out of nowhere, with tunes most experienced DJs would be immensely proud to call theirs; and even electronic acts who have produced award-winning early EPs, for whom the world is their oyster. 

So have a scroll down, listen to their tunes follow them all on socials, and maybe catch one of their shows, because in our opinion, 2023 will turn all these acts into big names, and you can say you were there before the hype.




With tracks moving up the UK charts, and his guerrilla-style DJ stunts (most notably the takeover of the London underground) consistently going viral, Schak is a DJ and producer that has had an absolutely stellar year. Schak is a master of social media promotion, and through his online alter ego Nana Makina, he has produced a number of viral clips to the point where he is now on the brink of cult status. 

Whilst Nana Makina has given him solid foundations to promote his music, Schak is a credible DJ-producer in his own right. From early school days and humble beginnings MCing in front of his Mum's mirror to earning a residency at Digital in Newcastle, and to now being signed to Patrick Topping's label Trick. 2023 looks set to be Schaks year, and we're just here for the journey (and to consume whatever weird and wonderful viral stunt he thinks of next.)




Matt Ryder

Despite his young age, 19-year-old Matt Ryder is quickly becoming an electronic tour de force. Everything Matt releases is produced and written by him, and the majority of the vocals are also his own. His lyrics feel mature beyond his age, and his songwriting ebbs and flows with an expression of emotion that many experienced artists can only dream of.  Blending a variety of genres to craft a soundscape of fresh and forward-thinking electronic music, he has caught the eye of tastemakers across the country, and after a relatively quiet year release wise - except for an absolutely sensational single, Riverbed, with none other than Birdy on backing vocals - we think that 2023 is set to be the year where the young producer becomes a household name. 



Anish Kumar

Despite his relatively short time producing and creating tunes, Anish Kumar has skyrocketed to the top of many emerging artists lists, and for good reason. His brand of vibrant, sample-heavy dance music has caught many an eye. The likes of Four Tet, Daphni and Danny Howells are fans, and the North East producer has even released a tune with Barry Cant Swim in the last year, Blackpool Boulevard. 

One of the more surprising aspects of Kumar's rise is that he is doing all this alongside studying to become a vet. Not an easy task, and one that he himself has described as a bit of an experiment to see how much he can focus on music whilst still passing exams. Given his already meteoric rise, we think Anish is only on a one-way trajectory and is going to take 2023 by storm. 



Hannah Laing

Finding her passion for music from a young age through her parent's love of music, Scottish DJ and producer Hannah Laing started DJing and quickly picked up a loyal following. Her phenomenal and fast success at such a young age found her on stage at iconic venues all over including 3 seasons as an Ibiza resident from the age of 19 to then travelling all over the world to perform supporting major players within the industry including Carl Cox, MK, Fisher, Camelphat, Solardo and many more.

Now, with 2023, on the Horizon, Laing is already signed to Patrick Topping's label Trick and has sparked major hype thanks to her take on Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder on the dancefloor which is being played all over the world. We think the next year is when Laing is set to reach the crest of her next peak, where she will be headlining some of the biggest stages the scene has to offer, just get down to the front and boogie, you won't regret it.




2022 has been a whirlwind for DJ and producer Taahliah, from winning the Association of Independent Music's Best Independent EP/Mixtape with her debut 'Angelica' (making her the first Black trans artist to win the award), to her Boiler Room debut going viral, to spending some time in Berlin establishing herself as a club DJ, there are little signs of Taaliah slowing down. 

The Scot produces a unique range of tracks that are immeasurably memorable and tow the lines between techno, hard dance, and hyper pop; channelling introspective feelings of her identity and transness, she is infinitely inspirational and talented. 2023 is going to be her year for sure, and we can't wait to see what she graces our ears with.




Zoro, aka Leon Kelham, has been bubbling under the surface of Bristol's thriving Drum and Bass scene for a few years now and has seen his stock rise exponentially. Spinning junglist, bass fuelled rhythms that make it impossible not to descend into a skank, the Bristolian has been shooting upwards on lineup posters and shooting pure energy into every member of any crowd that get the chance to see him live. Zoro is primed and ready to become one of DnBs new stars, and we think 2023 will see him do just that.



Kyle Starkey

From an epic release on the Dance Systems label to supporting huge names like Ben Helmsley & getting his music played all over by Annie Mac, Jaguar, Danny Howard and co. 2022 has been a breakout year for Kyle Starkey, to say the least. Not only has he worked and been supported by massive names, but he has released some truly massive tunes as the year has gone by. From the eminently groovy 'Lip Reader' to his Bassline Grrovers EP with Levi Swarn, the young DJ has shown a diverse talent beyond his years, and with 2023 on the horizon, we think the only way this boy's going is up.




Whilst Scalping have been around for a few years now, in that time, they have amassed a cult following of fans who see their blend of noisy electro-hardcore and guitar as nothing short of spectacular. They released their debut album in 2022 to pretty widespread acclaim, but really, what Scalping are all about is their monstrous live shows. 

The real reason they're on this list, despite being relatively established compared to others, is simply the fact that a debut album and more success means that these live shows are only gonna get better, and trust us when we say, they are chaos of the very best kind and will leave you stunned into a bass-heavy splendour, just catch them whenever and wherever you can, as their 2023 is going to be absolutely huge. 




Brighton's duo Kleu have been making a name for themselves in the city's thriving drum and bass scene over the past couple of years, and 2023 looks set to be the year the whole country discovers their unabridged ability to send a room into a skank. With a number of high-profile bootlegs, and releases on huge tastemaker labels like DnB Allstars, Jungle cakes, and Shimon’s AudioPorn imprint, the duo have quickly cemented themselves at the forefront of the next line of DnB talent coming out of the UK. 

A Kleu gig will leave everyone who enters with a few bruises, ringing ears, and an experience they will relay in their minds for years to come, and if you do get the chance to see them in 2023, do so, they'll be headlining the biggest stages before you know it.



Charlie Boon

Following a rebrand from his 'Crawford' alias, Cornish DJ Charlie Boon has a new rave influence sound, that has propelled him from a local name to one of the most exciting DJs around. With huge releases like the undeniably groovy 'We Back' and the two-step triumph that is 'Too Fly', the past year has seen him travel the world and all across the UK hitting up all the big clubs and festivals, and in 2023, this newfound audience will undoubtedly see him at the tips of many Techno fan's tounges. 



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