Choose… looking like a snack: Outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve

NYE is rapidly approaching. It’s time to start planning your outfit. Here’s what to wear for New Year’s Eve 2022.

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Date published: 13th Dec 2022

Our favourite night of the year is looming around the corner. Between the chaos, tunes, the people, the memories we’ll make, the fireworks, and the drunken kebab on the way home, New Year’s Eve is a class time for us all. 

But, as we said, it’s getting pretty close now. It’s time to start thinking about what we’ll be wearing.

To give you some inspiration, we came up with ideas for what to wear for New Year’s Eve 2022. Broken down by what type of night you’ll be having, you can find outfits perfect for black-tie events, house parties, raves, and more. Check it out! 


The house partier 


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If you’re headed off to a house party this New Year’s Eve, skip those sick new trainers you got for Christmas. You’ll only end up spilling a bev on them anyway. Instead, opt for comfort while looking and feeling good. 

For women, maybe consider our favourite outfit of choice for just about any occasion: “jeans and a nice top x”. That way you’ll be comfy, look good, feel confident, and hopefully not freeze on the way home. Add some jewellery to tie it all together and make it look like you put more effort in than you actually did. Little life hack for you right there. 

The same goes for lads. Stick on some jeans, a nice top, get a trim if you need, maybe add a watch or a necklace and jobs a goodun. No need to overcomplicate things for a piss-up ‘round your mates. But if you want to look a tad fancier, a blazer or suit jacket on top will make you look like you spent some time planning your outfit.  



The glitz and glam look


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If you’re headed somewhere where you need to put some proper effort in, you’re going to need better than jeans and a nice top.

Ladies and anyone else who wants to adopt a feminine look have so many choices. Gold, silver, sequin, glitter and rhinestone-adorned clothes can help you easily achieve a glitz and glam look, be it a suit or dress. Or maybe you could opt for a simple, minimal silky slip dress or suit? 

For lads or anyone preferring a more masculine vibe, a suit is obviously the easy option here. Glam it up a bit more by wearing a sequin, velvet, or floral jacket. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours, suits don’t have to be black or blue.



The glamorous but low-effort look 


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If you want to look stunning but can’t be dealing with super fancy dresses and suits, this is the section for you.

Nice and simple, you could wear a mesh top, something leather (a dress, top, trousers, or jumpsuit), an outfit with a holographic design, or the little black dress that’s been sitting in your wardrobe waiting to see some action. If you want to look a bit more glam, you could opt for a simple satin slip dress.

For a more masc vibe, a long sleeve printed shirt will do the trick - extra glam points if it’s satin, silky, or otherwise soft to the touch. Simple black, denim or chino-coloured trousers will complete the look. Stick a suit jacket on top, and you’re done! 



The black-tie eventer 


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Black tie events tend to be a bit stricter with the dress code. But there’s still room to express yourself and your style. It’s also a good idea to check, if you can, with the host before you go to see how much wiggle room the dress code has. 

Ladies! If you’re off to a black-tie event, you’ll need something so long it’s almost touching the floor. So your little black cocktail dress won’t cut it. It can be black if you want, but it doesn’t have to be. It should be made of fabric, such as silk, lace, or velvet. 

For men or those who don’t like dresses (yep, women don’t have to wear dresses, don’t wear something you feel uncomfortable in!), you’ll need a tuxedo with a bow tie and black shoes. If you’re wearing a belt, make sure it’s black to match the shoes.



The raver 


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If you’re going to a rave, you really don’t want to be breaking out your best clothes. They’ll get sweaty, someone might spill something on them, and, if it's a jacket, you might never see it again. And it might be a good idea to get a bag of some sort, so you don’t lose your keys and phone.

Mesh tops are a fantastic choice for men, women, everyone in between, and beyond. They look great, are comfy, and when it gets really hot, you’ll stay cool. The same goes for crop tops, bralettes, or baggy t-shirts. And it’s a rave after all, not a fashion show. You can still look good but don’t neglect your own comfort. Especially if it’s going to be a long night. 

For shoes, heels (unless you’re hard as nails) are going to leave your feet in agony. If they’re open-toed, they’ll probably end up wet, muddy, and bruised from people accidentally treading on them. No thanks. But a pair of big black boots might work, if your feet can handle them. If not, there’s nothing wrong with a nice pair of trainers that are easy to wash. Leave the pretty suede ones at home, or it’ll be a nightmare getting them clean. 

Streetwear is also a good shout for raves, dark parties and relaxed club nights. 



The cheap and cheerful 


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Not all of us have healthy enough bank accounts to go spend money on new clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect outfit you’ll look and feel great in. Have a browse on sites like ASOS and PLT to see what treasures you can find. 

Or help save the environment and have a scour through Depop, Vinted, or your local charity shop. You can find some absolute golden clothes if you have time for a proper dig. Then simply base your outfit around what you’ve found.



The “comfort over everything” type 


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If you’re one of those who simply will not leave the house unless you feel comfy, we feel you. Here are some tips.

Shoes. A biggie. Boots are a great shout as they’re usually comfy, warm, and waterproof. British weather, y’know? Or some cool, clean trainers will do the trick.

If you want to feel comfortable, a coat is a must because it’s obviously going to be Baltic. If you can find a nice coat that suits your vibe, you’re sorted.

From here, stick on anything you fancy that looks clean, tidy, and you feel good in. If in doubt, wear black. Black clothes can make a casual outfit look that bit neater, meaning you won’t have any issues with dress codes, and you won’t feel underdressed. Sorted. 

Feel underdressed or like you didn't put enough effort in? Statement jewellery. You're welcome. 



The fancy dresser 


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If you’re headed to a fancy dress event, it’s a lot easier. You’ll probably have a theme to follow, so it shouldn’t take too long to come up with something.

But no matter what, bear in mind that it’s late December - it’s going to be freezing. So whatever ‘fit you end up with, it’s a good idea to have a decent jacket or coat to protect you from the elements.

And if you’re thinking about one of those inflatable T-Rex or sumo wrestler outfits, remember that, if you’re going somewhere busy, it might be tricky to make your way through a crowd. 



No matter what vibe you opt for this New Year’s Eve, make sure you’re happy with your look. Confidence is the best outfit, and you’ll only achieve confidence when you dress authentically to yourself. Stay safe, have fun, and pace yourself at pres. 

If you still haven’t got any plans sorted for this New Year’s Eve, click or tap here to discover raves, clubs, pubs, restaurants, and so much more.



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