Broncho interview: I want to release stuff before it's finished

Oklahoma's Broncho spoke about slowing it down on their recent album 'Double Vanity' ahead of upcoming UK tour dates.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 9th Sep 2016

Image: Broncho

In Ryan Lindsey, Broncho posses a front-man who sounds unlike anyone you've ever heard before. An evolution in their sound on third album Double Vanity sees them stir in new wave influence, and it's this fascinating croon, sodden in reverb, settling into a densely layered motif that sees the Oklahoma band nail a more reclined approach. 

Woven into a setlist that already contains their hook-laden sophomore LP Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman and its stand-out track 'Class Historian' (listen below), this churning dynamic makes for a wholly unique proposition when the band tour the UK in autumn. 

Ahead of a stop at The Magnet in Liverpool on Tuesday 4th October, we had a quick chat with the band about the difference between their records, an affinity with the new wave era and more.     

How do you feel the band has evolved from your first album to 'Double Vanity'?

We have been slowwwwwing down for sure. The slowdown is nice, because it makes the speed up feel so much more wild. If all our records were on the same plain, there would be no perspective on what we are doing. Now you can step back and see the difference between the records. 

You streamed the album ahead of its release, an ever increasing trend, did any noticeable advantages come from that in comparison to your debut?

We did it mainly because we booked the tour before we had an official release date. And, we are procrastinators, so to help ease the consequences of being so late, we requested streaming our record first. It really got us out of a jam. Release dates are hard for me anyway. I want to release stuff the minute we finish something. Or, sometimes I want to release stuff before it's finished.  

It's got to be said that your voice is thrillingly distinct, is this entirely natural or conscious for performance?  

I think it is a little of both. It is something that has been developing through years of playing shows and time spent recording. I try not to think much about it. I try to just let things happen. I guess you could call me a naturalist. 

Your music harks eighties new wave, do you hold an affinity with this era and was this a desire when you set out to record 'Double Vanity'?

I do love that era, I think the last two records show our love for that era. It wasn't really talked about at all during the process, but my guess is that we just can't get away from what we love. 

The new record is much more laid back and groovy, is this more natural for the band when performing live? 

It's way easier to play fast and hard. It's more of a challenge to figure out how to play slower and still retain as much energy as there was before. But it's more natural for us to record slower, so that’s the trade off, I guess.

We saw you've just finished a tour with Cage The Elephant, how was that experience?

It was a great tour. I love all of those guys. They are true entertainers, and that’s all I want to see. I want to see a show! They are good show business. 

Aside from the shorter journeys - Is there anything you're particularly looking forward to whilst you’re over in the UK in September/October?

Hanging out with Gavin Poole. Also, I love the beach in Brighton. I imagine I will end up on that beach. 

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