Bolton: Element 51 holding Rave for Research on Good Friday

Revellers will have a chance to party at a rave with a talented line-up on display in support of a great cause.

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Date published: 17th Feb 2024

Element 51 in Bolton will hold "Rave for Research" on Good Friday (March 29), sporting a number of world-renowned DJs.

The roster of DJs will descend on the Nelson Square club to support Cancer Research UK and local charity Sallycancer Foundation.

Dutch Trance heroes Signum will fly in from their homeland to play, hitting the stage alongside Davos of 90s house group K-Klass, house diva Marcella Woods, Global Dj's and producers Lange and Jason Herd.

There will also be a roster of local talent, such as Danny Salmon, H&D, DJ Reg, Urmey and Krim. With TDP, Andy Roocroft and Jon Brooks hosting the pre party!

The line-up has come together after being inspired by local DJ Simon Thornley, who tragically lost his father Peter to cancer four years ago.

He has teamed up with fellow local DJs Ben Odling and Dave Fuller, as well as Andy Nic and Lee Roby from funky house brand On A Plate.

As well as the music, ravers will be dazzled by professional dancers, dancing disco heads, grinders, and stilt walkers.

To buy tickets for the event, visit:

All profits from sales will be donated to the chosen charities, contributing to life-saving research and support for cancer patients in the community.

Arena One will host progressive house, trance, and hard house while Arena Two will feature old skool, piano house classics, house, and funky house.

For more information and updates, follow Rave For Research on social media or visit their website.

Tickets are no longer available for this event