Bill Murray gets his own scratch n sniff book

You can bask in the smells from some of Bill Murray's best films with this new illustrated book.

Becca Frankland

Date published: 17th Aug 2015

Cook Your Own Food - a Bill Murray Scratch n Sniff is a tribute to the Hollywood actor and features ten pages with ten different smells.

Each page was drawn by a different artist and was inspired by some of Bill Murray's best films including Lost In Translation, The Life Aquatic and Groundhog's Day. 

All you have to do is scratch the smelly pad on each page to be transported to a Murray themed world. The Lost In Translation page might smell like whisky, or like sushi from when Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson go out for dinner (above). Grab the book online.

We're not the only ones who are big fans of Lost In Translation, the massive 'What's A Girl To Do' by Fatima Yamaha features the "I just don't know what I'm s'posed to be… I'm stuck… Does it get easier?" sample from the film (the track became one of our favourites in Croatia).