Bez, Drugs & Rock n' Roll

Dig out ya flares, round up the troops in the XR3i, we avin a party down town

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Date published: 29th Mar 2018

Dig out ya flares, no not ya dads 70s bell bottoms, the ones from the 90s that still have a billy bomb in the back pocket, rev up the XR3i and round up the troops, even the lad that inexplicably disappears half way through the evening, we're avin' it down town ( shouting mad for it at frightened old ladies from the back window optional )

Welcome to Summer Ball 2 a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those lucky enough to live through the halcyon days of 80s electro, Madchester, illegal raves, 15 E, Britpop and avoiding eye contact with the parents at 8 in the morning, this is for everyone that survived John Cravens country file on a come down and still felt rough at songs of praise, we salute you...

Summer Ball 2 - 12 Hour party people ! ( we would of gone for 24 like Shaun and Bez but we are all getting on a bit now )

4 - 9pm a mixture of local djs playing 80s hip hop, electro, dance and house music in the pub/ bar area with pool tables and big screens.

9pm - 4am Clint Boon kicks us off in the main room with a set of Madchester, indie and Britpop so its not all boom boom music, Jay Wearden connects Clints Indie to Dave law's 90s classic house set as a prelude to k-klass and Stu Allan finishing us off with a thumping rave from around 1am till 4.

Oh and we have a Free Play Retro Arcade and PS2 up on the rooftop terrace if it all gets a bit too much for ya.

All these brilliant djs, a free retro arcade, chance to win free beer for the evening, a hotel stay prize draw, all for the price of a speckled dove......

What's it all about ? We're having a party and your'e all welcome...