Best albums July 2023: Blur, Paris Texas, Julie Byrne and more

Here are our picks of the best albums from July 2023.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 1st Aug 2023

July has been a little bit quiet when it comes to albums, with festival season in full swing people have been out and about experiencing live music in person. But that doesn't mean the month has been terrible as there are plenty of gems to choose from including the return of Britpop favourites Blur.


Blur- The Ballad of Darren

Blur made their awaited return this year by releasing 'The Ballad of Darren'. An album that may surprise listeners sometimes with a sombre tone but shines through with the quality of the songwriting. Damon Albarn seems to write verses that have a much more emotional weight than the bands previous work and it makes for an enchanting experience. 



Alaska Reid- Disenchanter

Alaska Reid's 'Disenchanter' finds itself at a unique crossroads between country music, pop and indie rock. Dubbing her sound "Mountain Pop", it is an ethereal blend that will transport you to star-filled nights, the intensity of burgeoning romance and constant epiphanies. 



Paris Texas- Mid Air

Paris Texas make rap rock, which results in an exaggeration of the intensity found in both genres. Absolutely relentless riffs are matched by ear-piercing flows that make it feel as though a small-magnitude earthquake is happening in your head. It's the kind of album that you'll have on loop time and time again.



Julie Byrne- The Greater Wings

An album that may not have been on the radar of many people this month but it is an absolute must-listen. Written amidst the death of her long-time collaborator and producer, this country/folk album is jaw-dropping in its emotional delivery and sees Byrne moving beyond the pain.



Strange Ranger- Pure Music

A shape-shifting band that on the surface make indie rock but Pure Music shows that there's a lot more to Strange Ranger than meets the eye. You'll see them channelling guitar riffs with the energy of the club, EDM-style electronics coming out of nowhere ton take tracks in whole new directions.



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