5 spots forů A Healthy Meal in London

Jack Oughton explores his top five places to indulge in a healthy - yet heavenly - meal in London.

Jayne Robinson

Last updated: 25th Jul 2012.
Originally published: 6th Feb 2012

We're pretty sure that you don't need to be told the benefits of eating healthy food, so we're not going to waste your precious time with it. Skiddle is about helping you find good times, not telling what you should be doing with your calorific intake. Besides, there's a lot of argument about what exactly is healthy, and a lot of misinformation and myths, one of which we've got to dispel here.

That myth says that healthy food can't taste good.


Now, with that that said, here are five places you may not yet know about to treat yourself to something healthy, snack-like and tasty in London. No lies.

So, Indulge your taste buds, feel good, and protect your conscience from itself – it’s a win win for you.

1. Saf Restraunt and Bar

Saf is an acronym for ‘simply authentic food’. It’s also the word for 'pure' in Turkish, so this probably gives you an idea of what these guys are about. Specialising in ‘gourmet plant based and raw food’, Saf use no animal products, no processed ingredients, and offer a variety of biodynamic wines (yes, really). Hell, they even grow their own ingredients in the garden. Plus the menu changes to reflect the produce, which is bought seasonally. Saf also offer the ‘Saf To Go’ range of vegetarian snacks (such as Curried Kale Crisps) for those who don’t want a sit down meal.


So far Saf have two restaurants. One in Shoreditch [152-154 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3AT] and one in Kensington [The Barkers Building, Whole Foods Market 1st Floor, London W8 5SE]

2. Feng Sushi

Some people are put off by what some sushi contains (namely raw fish), but once past that they find that it’s pretty bloody good. And healthy. The traditional food of the Japanese has contributed to them being one of the longest lived people in the world. Try out a variety of artfully arranged, delicious little bundles of taste and unconventional ingredients including fresh Loch Duart Salmon, chives, sweet shrimp, edamame, (soybeans in the pod), shiitake mushrooms and chestnut ice cream!

Feng Sushi also provide a complete list of the macronutrient content and calories of each of their meals here. So those of you who count calories are covered.


You can find Feng Sushi all over London, there’s one at Chalk Farm [NW3 3QE], another at High Street Kensington [W8 4EP], and yet another at Borough Market [SE1 9AD]. You can find a complete list here

3. Tutti Frutti

Know what 'Froyo' is? It's like ice cream, but lighter. It's Frozen Yoghurt to be exact. Tutti Frutti have built their entire business around it. Low in calories and full of probiotic bacteria (the good kind) it also contains no artificial additives. The menu boosts around 50 flavours, varying from 'choco peanut butter' to 'lychees' (with the occasional new taste being added). You can also pick and choose from a variety of fruitful toppings, including sliced kiwis and pineapple. Sweet tooth: IMPRESSED.


Tutti Frutti can be found the world over, but the one in London is at 2 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, WC2E9HH.

4. Tossed

Tossed boldly proclaim that 'healthy eating doesn't have to be boring'. And that's the spirit. Piling up the fruit and veg, plus (free range) lean meat, Tossed are trying to make healthy eating easier too. They do this by offering hand prepared soups, which are ready to take away and quite appealing on one of those bloody bitter cold Winter mornings.

Other choices include a variety of low calorie wraps, fruit smoothies and a respectable salad menu too. Oh, and they also substitute out the mayo with yoghurt in most of their recipes. How thoughtful!


They've got eight stores in London so far, these include Westfield Stratford [E20 1ES], Baker Street [W1U 8EJ] and Copthall Avenue [EC2R 7DN]. For the full list, look herehttp://www.tosseduk.com/

5. Hawksmoor

OK, so it's not easy to count a 1 kilo T Bone steak as a snack, but this article was a bit skinny on the meat and there's no doubt in our minds that steak will make you big and strong. Plus steak is always there; should you grow tired of salads, low fat yoghurt and the whole-wheat equivalent to everything. After all, variety is the spice of life, and beef tastes good with spices. Therefore BEEF.

All that said, Hawksmoor loudly proclaims itself as ‘the best steak restaurant in London’. And a lot of people agree with them. Their press page is crazy. Time Out gave Hawksmoor Seven Dials ‘Best New Restaurant 2011’. Esquire described dining there as “The best steak we have ever eaten”. So they must be doing something right.

Meaty goodness on offer includes an enticing array of steaks; porterhouse, rib eye, bone-in prime rib, and so on… There’s also Dorset blue lobster, mussels, grilled bone marrow and veal tartare. Old time healthy eating.

Hawksmoor also sell a steak cookbook/’wine bible’ ‘Hawksmoor at home’ and give all proceeds to Action Against Hunger. Good stuff.

Where: There’s three so far. One in Guildhall [10-12 Basinghall Street, EC2V 5BQ], one in Seven Dials [11 Langley Street, WC2H 9JJ] and one in Spitalfields [157 Commercial Street, E1 6BJ]

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