5 acts at 90s Baby Pop that’ll fill you with nostalgia

90s Baby’s biggest show is coming up! To get us in the mood for our favourite throwback tunes, we took a look at the boy bands, pop princesses, and electronic legends who’ll be performing.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 24th Aug 2023

The biggest 90s Baby Pop show finally arrives at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday 28th October 2023. And the Tamagotchi-playing, Sabrina the Teenage Witch-watching, Furby-fearing inner child is buzzing about it. 

Boasting a mind-blowing lineup of our throwback faves, 90s Baby Pop is set to welcome the likes of Louise Redknapp, Peter Andre, Blue, Sweet Female Attitude, and so many more to the stage. 

Since we’re eagerly counting down the days, we thought we’d share just a few of the artists that we’re beyond desperate to see there. Have a read for a blast of nostalgia! 





Dig out your low-rise jeans and big hoop earrings because it’s time for R&B star Jamelia to shine!

Is the fashion in the music video as 90s/00s as it gets? 100%. Is Superstar a timeless banger we still get stuck in our heads? Without a doubt. Is it also the best cover of all time? We’re saying yes. 

Sure to blow the roof off the gaff with the number of people singing along at the top of their lungs, Jamelia’s set will prove it’s her world and we’re just living in it. 



Samantha Mumba

Nothing says nostalgia like this track and its video quality! And if you still aren't feeling it, wait for the dance break in the car park. 

This absolute banger's chorus was listed as one of the greatest of the 21st century by Billboard, and we have to say we agree. The drama in her voice alone has us picturing her gazing out a window as rain trickles down as she sings with her eyes closed. 

It’s going to go off at 90s Baby Pop! 




Hands up if you still remember the words! We definitely do. 

Clearly the golden era for boybands, A1 gifted us tracks such as Everytime, Caught In The Middle, and Heaven By Your Side. And you can just imagine the scenes when Like A Rose comes on - lighters and arms waving in the air from start to finish.

To give you some perspective (or make you feel old, whichever fits best), the youngest member, Christian, was about 21 when the group formed in 1998. He’s now 46.




If you don’t remember Sonique, we don’t know what to tell you. And if not her name, you should deffo know this belter of a track.

The Eurodance, trance, and house artist kicked off her career with S'Express before going solo and blessing us with It Feels So Good, Can't Make Up My Mind, Sky, and more. 

We can’t wait to hear her flex her unique vocals among thousands of other 90s babies!




Baggy blue jeans, gold chains, and somewhat aggressively singing and dancing at a camera on the floor - It doesn’t get any more 90s than this, folks. 

Now, we could've chosen a popular track like Keep On Movin', Everybody Get Up, or When the Lights Go Out, but we thought we’d try to find one that one or two of you may have forgotten about instead. Because we know you still remember the choreography for Everybody Get Up, no matter how hard you deny it. 



That was brilliant, wasn’t it? We love a trip down memory lane. And you’re lucky because there are still some tickets left for this huge 90s Baby Pop show

But we’ll warn you, tickets are running low with over 85% of tickets sold. If you fancy a real trip down memory lane, secure yours now at the very bottom of this page. 



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