27% of young people want mobile phones banned at gigs

We asked our customers their thoughts on phones at gigs, check out the full breakdown here.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 29th Nov 2017

Last week we conducted a survey all about mobile phone use at gigs. Over 1,200 of our lovely customers responded, and 27% think they should be banned at live music events because filming and photography is distracting and takes away from the experience.

Of the 27% who think they should be banned:

⦁37% said they were distracting

⦁34% said they take away from the experience

⦁One fifth (20%) said they block your view of the artist or band

⦁8% said filming and photography was disrespectful to the artist or band

Of the 74% who said mobile phones shouldn’t be banned; over half (52%) of young people said they capture footage because they like to relive the experience once they have left the event. Nearly a quarter (24%) said they like to share the music experience on social media and 13% said if they have bought a ticket it is their right to use their phones as they wish. 

The issue of banning mobile phones at gigs is one that has been hotly debated in recent months and it’s certainly a subject which almost everyone has a strong opinion on. Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us or commenting on the Facebook post below