Tribal Sessions @ Sankeys - Review!

Well Friday finally came and after a very long week I was feeling the need to let off some steam and what better way to do that then go see the Plumps rip it up at the legendary Sankeys.

Eva Oyon

Date published: 7th Oct 2009

Well Friday finally came and after a very long week I was feeling the need to let off some steam and what better way to do that then go see the Plumps rip it up at Manchester’s finest clubbing venue in the heart of Ancoats, the legendary Sankeys.

In fact I think Jip put it best when he said;  

    “The weekend has finally landed!!! All that is left is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I’m guna take 48 hrs off from the world man! I’m guna blow steam out me head like a screamin kettle. I’m guna talk cod shite to strangers all night, I’m guna lose the plot on the dance floor...”

And that is exactly what I did!! In fact I’ve only just about recovered! This was the third time I’ve seen the Plumps at Sankeys and once again they played an amazing set that kept the plethora of ravers reaching for the lasers long into the night (well technically morning I suppose!) the newly upgraded sound system pounding the old brick walls, which resonated with the filthy beats and heavy basslines of tunes like The Gate and Torque of the Devil.

What amazes me every time I see them is the consistency and quality of their sets; they always manage to keep their performance at epic heights, relentless in their delivery of some of the best nu skool breaks I’ve heard in a long time. In fact it is just such qualities that have led to the DJing duo, comprising of Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, to draw favourable comparisons with the Chemical Brothers, with their energetic, quirky productions and skilful, thumping DJ mixes.

One of the most popular DJs and Producers of Nu Skool breaks the Plumps have seen a massive increase in following over recent years as their pumping tunes, funky breaks and hard and dirty  basslines have energised and inspired dancefloors across the globe. Their most recent album, Headthrash, was released in 2008 and I think this really shows the duo’s progression and development as artists. With really grimy tracks like Beat Myself Up and more spacey, laid back breaks as featured in Lost in Space.

Well renowned within the music scene as being the mother of filthy beats and heavy kicks, once you’ve seen them live you’ll totally agree and just want to go again and again and again! Tunes such as Snake Eyes for example has a FILTHY bassline and a rather trippy vocal sample over the top, with lots of classic Plump elements like spacey blips and bleeps and staby, gritty synth stabs. The crowd go wild for it, and it’s not long before I’m lost in the twisted b-lines and driving hooks jumping around at the front of the crowd like a woman possessed! It was truly awesome and I’d advise you to definitely see this DJ duo live, it will be an experience to remember and one you’ll want to repeat!

They weren’t the only ones that impressed though, Meat Katie, London based breakbeat Producer and DJ, was amazing rounding the night of nicely with his tech-funk style. However the DJs in the bar area really stood out for me, they were Average White Guy and Patchwork managed by top Banana Management. Their style was more funky, mixing elements of funk, breaks, house and electro, rather quirky looking they were evidently enjoying themselves as they took turns in mixing the tunes and getting themselves involved in the crowd, who were all like myself, unable to stand still making waiting at the bar for a vodka and redbull a much pleasurable experience! Relatively unknown it’s worth keeping an eye out for them as I think these guys are gonna take off!

All in all a banging night had by all, even if it has taken a few days to recover!! Having seen them play live a few times now you would think that their sets might get repetitive and samey but with this London based duo there is no fear of that! Each set has been different and equally amazing as they blur the boundaries between house and breakbeat styles. Although I have loved each of their albums, seeing them live is a totally different experience and one I would certainly recommend! Just don’t plan to be capable of much for the following 48 hrs!  


Abigail Atkinson

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