When are the Ibiza closing parties?

When are the Ibiza closing parties?

Ibiza is bustling right now. But it’s vital to know when everything’s going down. So when are the Ibiza closing parties?

Date published: 9th Aug 2023

Right now, Ibiza is jumping! 

Heavyweight DJs, artists, and brands including Ben Hemsley, Black Coffee, Glitterbox, Worried About Henry, Krept and Konan, and more are turning the world's best clubs upside down as the wildest crowds lose it. 

But if you haven’t jetted off to the island yet, the clock is ticking. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of parties still coming up, like the closing parties. But when are the Ibiza closing parties? 


What are Ibiza closing parties? 


Before we get into when they are, it can be handy to make sure we’re all comfortable with what exactly a closing party is.

DJs and brands take over Ibiza’s clubs to put on certain parties or residencies. And the closing parties are there for the DJs or brands to wave goodbye to ravers and close their residency in style for one last time.

Let’s use Hi Ibiza as an example. 

At Hi Ibiza this year, there are loads of parties and residencies including Fisher on Wednesdays and Eric Prydz on Mondays. There are loads more but you get the idea. 

Fisher's closing party is on the 27th of September but Eric Prydz has his on the 4th of September. Most residencies like these will end with a closing party. 


When are the Ibiza closing parties?


Well, now we’ve gone over that, you know that there’s no specific date. Closing parties happen at the end of residencies. And at the same time, the venue's themselves may also have closing parties like Ibiza Rocks' closing party on the 30th of September or Hi and Ushuaia's The Vortex party on the 7th of October

So, in a nutshell, it depends. But September-October is when most closing parties will be going down. 



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