Sosa Interview: "Liverpool is absolutely flying right now"

Future star of the British house music scene, Liverpudlian newcomer Sosa reveals how he became involved with dance music, discusses new music and his label, and reveals what lies ahead now restrictions have been scrapped

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 26th Jul 2021

Another remarkable dance talent to recently erupt out of Liverpool's prolific underground electronic scene - Jay Bradford, otherwise more commonly referred to by his stage name, Sosa, is the dexterous DJ and well-versed producer catching the attention of basically everyone in the game. And for good reason. 

Acknowledged as a 'one to watch' back in 2019, following the release of huge club banger 'DCFW', via Solardo's Sola Records, the dedicated creative has since experienced a dream-like rise from a certain degree of anonymity to widespread critical acclaim amongst both dance fans and his peers.

Recognised for his technical proficiency and with a keen ear for house music, the twenty-something-year-old has gained support from respected names the likes of Michael Bibi, Pete Tong, The Martinez Brothers and Hottrax boss, Jamie Jones, and now finds himself joining the ranks of some of Liverpool's most celebrated dance acts - from CIRCUS bigwig Yousef to KISS FM DJ host Anton Powers, and Grammy Award nominees, CamelPhat.

Originally planning to head out to clubs, venues and festivals around the world at the beginning of last year, Sosa's ill-fated first attempt at reaching international superstar status was inevitably postponed due to the onset of the still prevalent COVID pandemic. But with restrictions now starting to ease both here in the UK and across a number of European states, his journey to the top looks set to recommence once again. 

We recently got the chance to ask the in-demand DJ/producer a few questions about his thriving career thus far, discovering how he first became interested in dance music and what his plans are for the future. Continue reading to find out more...


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Hi Sosa, how’s it going? Where are you and what are you doing? How’s the weather where you are?

Sosa: "Yo guys! I’m in Liverpool and the weather, not so sunny today, unfortunately."



What’s the most recent track/album/playlist/podcast you’ve been listening to? Is it any good?

"This is hard. I have been listening to a lot of different acts that I’ve only recently discovered. I've been rinsing an indie band called 'Men I Trust'. The perfect soundtrack for sticking your feet up and just chilling."



Straight in with the serious stuff now… For over half a decade you’ve been working hard at honing the skills of your trade as a producer and DJ, and now that dedication is really beginning to pay off. How did you begin on this journey? Where did the idea to begin pursuing a career as an electronic artist come from?

Sosa: "I actually just stumbled across making music. I’d never really thought about making it but I was an avid festival goer and loved going to watch my favourite DJs. I used to sit there in amazement, taking their music apart in my head. Then one day, I dived into a production wormhole on YouTube and the rest is history. I fell in love."



Hailing from Liverpool, there’s obviously an abundance of talent to take inspiration and insight from. Who has been your biggest local source of inspiration? Was there a specific artist or mentor who really kick-started your passion for dance?

Sosa: "Liverpool is absolutely flying right now, music-wise! So many great talents doing well. But I think my biggest mentors were the lads in Solardo. Yes, they're not from Liverpool but they had a huge hand in bringing my music to a wider audience. Big up Mark and James!"




You’ve released a collection of well-received floor fillers that have been heard in clubs around the world - such as 2019’s ‘DCFW’ and your most recent offering ‘The Wave’ on Jamie Jones’ HOT TRAX imprint. You’ve also received nods from highly regarded names, the likes of previously mentioned Solardo, Green Velvet, Skream and Camelphat.

Which of your releases would you say set you on the path you’re on today? When did things noticeably begin to change for you?

Sosa: "It’s got to be ‘DFCW’. For me, that track changed my life. It was played by everyone and anyone in the electronic scene and really catapulted me onto another level. The funny thing is, that track sat on my hard drive for a year because I didn’t think it was any good!"



We’ve already briefly mentioned your recent single ‘The Wave’, how did you end up releasing the track with HOT TRAX? Where did you first meet Jamie Jones?

Sosa: "So, I’ve been sending music to Jamie for over two years now and nothing has really fit with any of his labels. Eventually, I made ‘The Wave’ and ‘Warp Speed’ after he knocked a few of my previous submissions back. He loved them and signed them for Hottrax there and then."



Can we expect more music from you on Hottrax, or any other label for that matter, this year?

Sosa: "Yes, definitely! I’m working a lot on my own label Coco right now. So expect a lot of Sosa on there!"



Now that we’re on the subject of COCO, that brings me on to my next question. Your label is almost a year old now and you’ve got your latest single ‘Clutta’ out on COCO. How has it been managing the hype around the label?

Sosa: "Launching COCO has honestly been one of the best decisions of my career to date. The hype has been insane. My latest single ‘Clutta’ is one of my biggest club records to date and people are already going nuts for it. I’ve been signing records from all over the world and I’ve even launched our first live event, happening at the end of the month in Liverpool, which sold out in forty-five minutes flat!"




2020 by all rights should have been a massive year for you, especially with regards to getting out on tour and into clubs across the world. We’ve seen that you have a few shows scheduled later this year, including a hometown show with CIRCUS at 24 Kitchen Street this month.

What else have you got up your sleeve? Are there any other big shows you can exclusively share with Skiddle?

Sosa: "Obviously, I’m devastated about not being able to tour in 2020 due to COVID-19. It would have undoubtedly been huge. But yes, the Circus show is a joint venture with my label COCO which is a dream come true for me.

"I've got quite a few big shows lined up this year. One, in particular, I’m really looking forward to playing is The Warehouse Project's Halloween event (Friday 29th October) with the likes of Solardo, Paul Woolford, Eli Brown... It'll be my first-ever appearance at The Warehouse Project."



What can we expect from a Sosa set? What records will make it into your setlist?

Sosa: "My sound has changed quite a bit since I last gigged. I love the raw club sound I’m making and playing right now. Loads of groove with big vocals and huge basslines."



Finally, as a trusted selector and creator of house music, we want to know who you’re listening to on repeat right now. Are there any artists, established, little known or emerging, you think our readers should be sitting up and taking note of?

Sosa: "I love this question!

"There are so many talented up and coming artists right now! But for me, it has to be Jamie Fielding. I signed a three-track EP of his this year for COCO. His tunes just blow me away every time, and I think he's only been producing for a few years which is crazy! But yes, definitely check him out. He’s my one to watch for sure."



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