Rag N Bone Man tells us what to expect from his set at Highest Point 2021

The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter also reveals what it was like working with pop queen Pink on his latest single, ‘Anywhere Away From Here’, and lays out his plans and aspirations for 2022 and beyond...

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 25th Aug 2021

He’s the heavily tattooed, neo-soul baritone wonder who, since his induction into the mainstream back in 2017, has moved audiences the world over with his impressive vocal range and significant presence on stage.

A multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, whose accolades include the 2017 BRIT Award for Breakthrough Artist, the Critics' Choice Award that same year, and the BRIT Award for Best British Single in 2018 for his track 'Human' - Rag N Bone Man, real name Rory Graham, still continues to rise to new heights of music stardom. 

He’s collaborated with pop powerhouse names the likes of Calvin Harris, Adele, Vince Staples and most recently, Pink, on brand new single ‘Anywhere Away From Here’, and also, just recently, confirmed a number of upcoming live performances across the UK - including a headline show at Lancaster's Highest Point Festival this September.

Grasping at the opportunity to speak with the world-renowned superstar, we enquired about his forthcoming live set at the upcoming family-friendly festival event, questioned what it was like working with Pink and much, much more. Continue reading below to find out what he had to say…


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What are you most looking forward to about the return of live music?

“The feeling live music gives you on stage and in the crowd is like no other, so I can’t wait to vibe off that again.”



Has lockdown offered you the chance to reset and be more creative, or has it been a time of struggle? 

“I saw it as time I’ll probably never have again, so I spent a lot of it hanging out with my boy, but he seemed more interested in the Spider-Man bouncy castle I got him last summer than anything else.”



You recently collaborated with Pink on the epic ballad, ‘Anywhere Away From Here’. Did you ever get to meet Pink and how did the collaboration come about?

“From the moment I first heard Alecia (AKA Pink) singing on the debut album from You+Me, Rose Ave, a collaboration between Pink and Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green, I was adamant that one day I would work with her. So, when ‘Anywhere Away From Here’ was written, I knew it couldn’t have been a better song for us to sing together on. I still feel so honoured and humbled that she wanted to be part of it.”





What can people expect from your set at Highest Point?

“Absolute bangers! I can’t wait to be back on stage performing!”



With so much new talent and accessible music content coming through, how do you continue to manage and develop your own original sound? 

“I kinda just trust what feels natural to me. I like to protect my own ideas. Really, authenticity is all you’ve got.”



Are there any other artists that you’re particularly looking forward to seeing live at Highest Point Festival this year?  

“I’m just looking forward to hearing live music again in all its glory, and hopefully coming across some new bands that I’ve not heard before.”



Name three things you can’t be without when performing live or out on the road:

“New boxers and socks, a fresh trim, and a speaker for pre-show jams.”



What has been the proudest moment of your career thus far? 

“Releasing my new album. It’s a milestone for me. I feel more comfortable as a songwriter and I’m so proud of it.”



Which one artist, if any, has had the most influential and lasting effect on both your work and your artistry? Who’s inspired you the most? 

“This is pretty hard. If you asked me tomorrow, you’d get a different answer. But if I had to choose, I’d probably say Foy Vance, especially for songwriting. He’s the writer's favourite.”



Finally, what are your aspirations for the next year, as things hopefully begin to open up more? 

“I’m just hoping to get back on the road and have a great summer, playing festivals, doing what I love most.”




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