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Five Rick Astley tracks we can't wait to hear live at Highest Point 2021

The '80s pop legend turned globally renowned meme star will bring his extensive back catalogue of smash hits to Lancaster's Williamson Park this September. Read on to find out which five tracks we can't wait to see live

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 18th Aug 2021

Yes, that's right, for those of you who don't know, '80s baritone legend Rick Astley has in fact confirmed his attendance at this year's return edition of Lancaster's Highest Point Festival.

Closing out the hugely anticipated four-day event - running from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th September - the veteran pop music legend, renowned for his distinctively deep voice, snazzy dad-like dance moves and huge hairdo, will deliver an array of his best and most nostalgic chart-smashing hits, to all those present. And let's just say he's got a few to choose from...

Although recognised by the older generations for his 1987 smash hit, 'Never Gonna Give You Up', and more recently by Millenials and those of the Gen Z era for his bromance with Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl and the viral sensation that is 'Rickrolling', there won't be too many music fans out there aware of the fact that Rick was actually something of a prolific singer-songwriter back in his heyday.

Apart from the aforementioned worldwide phenomenon that was 'Never Gonna Give You Up', which went to number one in 25 countries, the British singer-songwriter has had success with no less than seven other back to back releases, all of which broke into the top of the UK charts. How many can you name? Be honest...

As devout fans of Rick's music (and his memes, of course), we feel we'd be doing him a sort of injustice by not highlighting some of these seemingly forgotten and yet sensational pop records, the ones we really can't wait to dance and sing-a-long too on Sunday 5th September. And so, here we are. Doing just that. 

Below, you'll find five of Rick Astley's biggest pop bangers, all of which you're likely to hear at Highest Point 2021!


Never Gonna Give You Up

An undisputed '80s anthem, we had to start things off with this one... By far his biggest track to date, it's a karaoke favourite that we all know the words to (Don't pretend you don't, who you kidding). It's got everything you want from a cheesy pop record. Big verses, big choruses and an even bigger voice! This song will never give you up, it will never let you down, and it most certainly won't ever desert you. An earworm if we ever heard one! 



Together Forever 

A pop classic so catchy it’s still being played today, ‘Together Forever’ is as good as 80s music gets. Yes, it bears an uncanny resemblance musically to 'Never Gonna Give You Up', however, at its time of release, it still gained the love of British music fans. It's catchy, it's upbeat and we can guarantee - for those of age - you'll have heard it at more than one wedding back in the day.



Hold Me In Your Arms

Another '80s slow-dance wedding special - this tune is one that really demonstrates Rick Astley’s amazing vocal talent. A love song/ballad that tells the sweet story of a man longing to be back with a former flame. Ten out of ten for video production on this one. Gone are the days when music videos were shot on potatoes... Bring back the '80s!



Whenever You Need Somebody

Astley’s popularity on the charts spiked again in the late '80s when 'Whenever You Need Somebody' was released in '88. The cover of a hit record originally performed by English singer and songwriter O’Chi Brown, the track reached the top spot for the second time in seven countries and secured Astley a position as one of the most popular stars in pop music. 



Cry For Help

1994’s Free was the first album that saw Astley completely distancing himself from the sound that made him famous, packed instead with sweet and soulful ballads over upbeat pop tunes. From that album, 'Cry For Help' was probably one of his most tender and sincere, standout tracks.

His music wasn't the only thing to undergo an evolution around the time of this single release... Check out his long mane of auburn hair glimmering in the studio lights, in the official music video for 'Cry For Help' above. Majestic.



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