Help us raise money for Macmillan with our epic pub quiz

The next event to help us raise money for Macmillan is the Pub quiz to end all pub quizzes.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 22nd Feb 2017

As you may have read previously we committed to raising £100k for Macmillan last year, something we endeavoured to do when one of our team was diagnosed with cancer last year. We sadly lost Chris in December, something that has hardened our resolve, so after our hugely successful charity checkouts, CHRISmas Cards and getting Chris' favourite record in the charts, we've fallen back on a more traditional form of fundraising - the hallowed pub quiz.

Only we've decided to do it slightly differently. This shebang is one where everyone wins a prize, and what prizes they are. We've got festival tickets up for grabs, be them for Bestival, Bluedot, Parklife or Annie Mac's Lost & Found in Malta. To top that off there's Fun Lovin Criminals tickets in there too, pioneer DJ controllers, and even football related fun, with tickets to see Preston North End and a signed football from all the presenters at Match of the Day (see the full list of prizes).

All this makes a complete mockery of the entrance fee of £25, all of which will be winging it's way to Macmillan. There's plenty of entertainment in the evening planned too and the kind of absurd tomfoolery that was such an integral part of Chris' outlook on life. There's limited tickets left for the event, which takes place in the boozer down the road from our office, the Derby Arms in Longridge, available via the box below.

Can't make the quiz? You can still donate here.

Tickets are no longer available for this event