Getting Through January

We know that January can be a bit of a slog, here's how we can get through it in the best way possible.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 5th Jan 2022

January. It's a tough month, right? Often feeling like a long slog, all 31 days can make you feel like a fool for going all out for Christmas and New Years Eve. There's a very specific January atmosphere that's hard to describe but definitely something that a lot of us feel, we don't want to go back to work, we enjoyed switching off, eating whatever we wanted and watching shows that will probably not leave any kind of remote impression on us in the future.

Well, it's time to shake off the January blues and emerge from your sofa slump to approach the new year in the best way possible. Well, here are some helpful tips to get ahead of the curve and approach 2022 in a new way.


Build the right playlist

The right soundtrack is essential to starting the new year, whether you want to have main character moments on the daily or just have something in the background to give you that extra bit of energy. Luckily, we at Skiddle have put together a getting through January playlist so you don't even have to make one yourself. It's full of energisers and relaxers, with the aim being to pull you out of any January hole you might be stuck in. From Fatboy Slim to Prince and Frank Ocean we've got you covered.



Get out there



Photo image credit: Tobi (Pexels)

Getting out and about is essential to kicking off the year in the right way. It may seem like effort and yes it is one of the coldest times of year but that makes it even more of an accomplishment getting out there. Even if you only go for a walk once a week, you'll find that it's incredibly refreshing to clear your head even if it is only over your lunch break.

For the more energetic, you can have a bit of a run. If you're working from home it'll be especially easy. Whether you're living in a bustling city or the middle of nowhere you have no excuse to step out (we will forgive if it's throwing it down though).



Get something booked


Photo image credit: Anna M. W. (Pexels)

Often enough, it quite simply comes down to having something in your calendar. If the new year is looking like a blank slate, you best get something pencilled in. Whether it be seeing live sport, some theatre, a comedy show or a festival in the summer. Having that objective that makes all the hard work worth it or little nights out to break up your week can make everything so much more exciting.

Being in a room full of like-minded people or going away on holiday, even if only for a weekend can do you all the good in the world.


Find something new


Photo image credit: Marcus Herzberg (Pexels)


Finding something new, whether it be a place or a hobby can be a really exciting way to start the year. Giving yourself a bit of a push/challenge to explore something that in the back of your mind you always wanted to try can be really satisfying. You might have wanted to get into a particular author, zoom by on an electric scooter through the city or even just wanted to try a different restaurant in the middle of town.

It doesn't have to be a huge, momentous occasion just something different to your usual routines and if you don't end up liking it then at least you had a try.


Meet your loved ones


Photo image credit: ELEVATE (Pexels)

Yes, we know it is incredibly tempting to hibernate for the entire month and maybe stomach the odd phone call with your friends but get out there and see them! The serotonin release of actually having in-person conversations will set you up nicely as the year starts to get busier. You're going to need your friends and family so you can switch off properly.

Get yourself down to the pub, invite them over, go on a cinema trip. You have endless options and having those plans sorted out will turn January from a month of potential self-pity to one where you actually feel like a functioning human being.


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