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Five things to do at Glastonbury

From legendary tributes to a giant mechanical spider, here's five things you should experience at Glastonbury.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 21st Jun 2016

Image: Arcadia

Year after year there's been one phrase that has become the automatic response to jealous barbs about questionable Glastonbury headliners: "yeah but there's so much else happening it literally doesn't matter". On the outside this may seem like a hollow victory, surely the crowning glory of a weekend at Worthy Farm is watching at least one blockbuster show on the Pyramid stage, but perhaps it's not actually that important.

With a festival site that is not much smaller than the whole of Manchester there is no end of attractions even after you take away the hundreds of acts across multiple stages. You'll be told by the festivals faithful that it is these little quirks that truly make the Glastonbury experience magical.

With so much happening you couldn't be blamed for missing out on something so we've compiled our top five things to do at Glastonbury to keep you in the loop.


In short, Arcadia is a massive mechanical spider that shoots out flames whilst some of the finest DJs in the world work the decks, hovering in a booth above thousands of raving fans. Until you have seen it you cannot even begin to imagine or appreciate what an awesome spectacle it is.

Once you join the dancing throng you truly become part of the campfire spirit the Arcadia organisers are looking to promote. This year, for the first time ever a 30 minute show called Metamorphosis will be the prelude to the likes of Basement Jaxx, Andy C and Carl Cox. The spectacle is added to by a giant jellyfish soaring the skies whilst the lords of lightning undertake their electrical feats to leave jaws wide open. 

Watching the sun rise on the stone circle 

Picture the scene, it's early on Monday morning, perhaps about 4:30 am, you've survived five days of endless walking, barely sleeping and abusing your body and here you are, alive and well and about to witness one of the finest natural sights the world over.

It's the one time where Glastonbury really 'stops' and everyone gathers upon the almost holy hill that has the stone circle as its centrepiece. Festivals are commercial, of course they are, but this experience is one of the truest spiritual connections you could feel and takes the entire experience back to its roots.  It is for this reason that people deny their closing eye lids and watch the sun rise up over the horizon and sit blessed by its rays.

The Sisterhood

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A new addition to Shangri La for 2016, the Sisterhood is a women only venue that is described by the organisers as a “revolutionary clubhouse” open to “all people who identify as women.” Here, attendees will have a safe place to rave, attend dance classes and also take part in DIY workshops in an "intersectional, queer, trans and disability-inclusive space” where all the staff and performers will be female.

If you're a man then obviously there's not much chance of you being able to check this one out but for our female contingency, sheer intrigue alone should make you want to visit.

Block 9

This area of the festival is open 24 hours and features extravagant artwork, underground nightclubs and huge sound systems. Block 9's three parties, Genosys, NYC Downlow and London Underground have completely separate themes but all feature some big name DJs.

This year, the New York club has an added room, 'the meat rack', which will feature Eats Everything amongst others. The likes of the Black Madonna, Seth Troxler and SHY FX & Stamina will also feature across the three venues over the weekend. One of this year's biggest highlights is at Genosys where Hot Chip will remember Prince in what will doubtless be pulsating tribute. 

Take in tributes to Bowie, Lemmy and Prince

While you can look forward to performances from the world's best musicians, it is important to remember that many will have been inspired by this legendary trio.

A giant Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt will be perched aloft the Worthy Farm's Pyramid Stage with a set a silver wings either side. Even more spectacular, a 50-piece orchestra dressed in white will perform an interpretation of Bowie's Heroes on the Saturday.

Prince will be honoured with giant statue erected at the Park Stage and a DJ set played at Block 9 on Friday Night by Hot Chip man Alexis Taylor. Motorhead's Lemmy, who performed at festival last year, is enshrined at the Other Stage by a giant peace structure built with spanners and an aluminium ace of spades.  

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