Why you really should be listening to... Greentea Peng

Yes she loves green tea, and yes you're going to love her.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 27th Mar 2020

Greentea Peng is a name you'll probably have noticed popping up more and more during the early months of 2020. Certainly, the psych-soul singer's memorable moniker means she jumps out from any festival lineup (and yes it is simply down to a love of green tea).

Posting on Facebook back in November 2019 about her "first proper proper festival announcement" at this year's NASS festival, GTP may not have realised just how many more she'd have to follow in 2020.

Championed by BBC Radio 6 Music and Gilles Peterson's Worldwide FM - which awarded her 'Breakthrough Act of the Year 2019' - the singer has the "moodiness of London" in her music but has also lived in Hastings and Mexico - where she has spent time in musical exploration helping to shape her woozy, honey-dipped sound.

2020 release 'Ghost Town' is a highly listenable combination of all of those influences, with GTP explaining: "Ghost Town is my bun Boris, bun ya fucking 5G, bun consumerism, bun capitalism, anti babylonian chant... It's about the loss of soul, character and roots in these soon to the ghost towns".

With releases going back to 2018, we've taken great pleasure compiling a collection of tracks from an artist we're very excited to watch evolve in the future.

Listen to our Why you really should be listening to Greentea Peng playlist on Spotify below.

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