The best student bars and clubs in Leicester

Get scrolling and familiarise yourself with the best Leicester student clubs and bars ahead of freshers to impress your newfound mates and make the most of what will be a crazy week!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 30th Aug 2022

So you've chosen Leicester as your destination for Uni, and we can tell you now you've made a great choice, mainly as the home of the Foxes is a city teeming with students and incredible nights out! With so many bars and clubs that cater to a whole host of different tastes, the city's nightlife offerings may be overwhelming to you (especially if you've just moved from a sleepy countryside village.)

But do not worry! We are here to help. We have narrowed down the very best on offer in Leicester into a list that will help you in Freshers Week and beyond. So get scrolling and start planning that awesome first week, who knows the knowledge you gain may impress those soon-to-be best friends that you are living with!



The Fan Club

Where: 40 Abbey St, Leicester LE1 3TD

Renowned as one of Leicester's most affordable clubs, The Fan Club is the go-to for many of Leicester’s students looking to enjoy a night out on the cheap. The DJs spin a quality set of tunes with nights focused on the 80s and 90s, from Ibiza Anthems, to indie bangers, its an always an awesome night. Plus with constant student offers and sprawling dance floors across its three floors, this 1,000-capacity club will be one you’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time in as a student in the city.


Find tickets for events at The Fan Club - here




Where: 1 Millstone Ln, Leicester LE1 5JN

Located slap bang in the city centre, Firebug triples as a restaurant, bar, and music venue and is a firm favourite amongst Leicester student clubs. With a variety of student-focused nights as well as some cool unique events such as movie nights and themed quizzes, it serves up a great time for any and all who walk through its doors. There's a huge range of craft beer and cocktails, but we would definitely recommend one of their A&E shots (the name says all you need to know.)


Find tickets for events at Firebug - here




Where: 6 Market Place Approach, Leicester LE1 5EH

This one is possibly the hottest hangout when it comes to Leicester student clubs, so if you’re planning on getting there late you can expect to queue. But, once you get inside, you’ll be treated to a futuristic club setting that supplies a playlist full of RnB and hip-hop bangers and fancy cocktails. Plus, with a gig space upstairs that shows live music as well as comedy, its offerings are diverse and always hit the spot. The club/bar is a right of passage for any Leicester student and if you're into the music they play, then you're gonna be spending a lot of your loan within its walls.


Find tickets for events at Waikiki - here



The Counting House

Where: 40 Almond Rd, Leicester LE2 7LH

A great spot, particularly for the Uni of students, The Counting House offers amazingly priced bevs so you can make that loan stretch, alongside immaculate vibes and an extensive drinks selection. But, amongst students, it's the pub quizzes that make this place legendary among Leicester student bars. With huge prizes including major bar tabs, you just have to come and test your knowledge (you're studying for a degree for god sake, a pub quiz should be no problem). So grab some of your newfound pals, make up a funny team name, and get down to The Counting House.


Find tickets for events at The Counting House - here




Where: 37 St.Nicholas Pl, Leicester LE1 4LD

A wicked night out and a guaranteed big hit for the indie heads amongst you, MOSH is Leicester's most popular alternative club. Offering up a mashup of classic indie hits, pop-punk throwbacks and a range of other alternative beats, the three-floors of the student favourite will have you singing your heart out until the early hours. With cheap prices and constant student deals, it's a perfect place to go out and not have to worry about the impending (or the worsening) overdraft. Whilst there is the chance for it to get rowdy (the place is called Mosh for god sake) its always in good spirits and with exceptional vibes, a great Leicester student club.




33 Cank Street

Where: 33 Cank Street, St. Martins Square, Leicester, LE1 5GX

Tucked cosily away in Leicester's old town is the wonderful 33 Cank Street. One of the city's best cocktail bars and one which proclaims to have the biggest cocktail menu in all of the Midlands, it ranks high when looking for Leicester student bars. Primarily due to the relatively reasonable prices for their drinks, but mainly due to the interesting little twist put on each cocktail they serve up, and the way that the traditional cocktails have been given a breath of fresh air. Definitely one for a post-exam celebration than a regular haunt, but a great place to go for a drink nonetheless.



Club Helsinki

Where: 94 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1SB

Whilst the name conjures up cold Scandinavian nights, the reality couldn’t be further from it. In fact, Club Helsinki is one of Leicester’s hottest gay clubs and it’s absolutely teeming with amazing vibes. Regular student nights mean that it's nice on your pocket, plus with drag nights aplenty, it always puts on an awesome show. On those regular nights, however, it's neon dancefloor and DJs that play all the hits, you’ll always have a great time here, plus it's open until 5 am on a Saturday so you can stumble home to the sound of birds afterwards. 


Find tickets for events at Club Helsinki - here



The Cookie

Where: 68 High St, Leicester LE1 5YP

The Cookie

This versatile bar is the perfect blend of nostalgia and good vibes, from its Nintendo 64s by the bar to its copious size with a basement, outdoor area, and attic bar; it’s unashamedly retro and one of the best Leicester student bars. Hosting a cafe/bar through until night, a club open until late, frequent live music and comedy, and a whole host of other varied events, The Cookie truly is a truly a jack of all trades. So, whether you want to pop in for a midday coffee or want a place to chew each other's ear off until the clock strikes 12, you won’t regret frequenting The Cookie.


Find tickets for events at The Cookie - here




Where: 94-96 Belgrave Gate, Leicester LE1 3GR

Housed in what was previously the city's famous club Venom, Motto is here to not only take the reigns but build on them. With a motto (sorry, not sorry) that states a desire to be a whole experience rather than just a club night, this lavish and boujee bar/club is definitely one for the ones who like the finer things in life. But, despite this vibe, it is still awesome for students. Whilst the drinks may not be as cheap, the vibes on show - if the hip-hop and RnB scene is the one for you - are unrivalled in the city (Just look how great a time the lads above are having.) A great option among Leicester student clubs, and a firm favourite of ours in the city.


Find tickets for events at Motto - here



Corah Works

Where: 1st Floor, Euro House, St John St, Leicester LE1 3WL

Finally, for those of you who prefer a skank to a two-step, Corah Works has got you covered on every single Bassline. The self-proclaimed haven of bass-heavy music in the city, it is quickly becoming a must-visit spot among the student population.  Whilst new in the Leicester student clubs scene, its nights are already being hailed as some of the best on offer, and whilst most are ticketed, it is more than worth the entry fee to have a night jumping about, gun fingers ablaze, without a care for whatever lecture you have in the morning. 


Find tickets for events at Corah Works - here



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