Five of the best acts at Field Day 2017

We've handpicked the finest acts coming to Victoria Park on Saturday 3rd June.

Henry Lewis

Last updated: 24th May 2017.
Originally published: 11th May 2017

Image: Field Day London

The London one dayer is a melting pot of musical styles, with a vast range of big name acts flooding the capital's Victoria Park on Saturday 3rd June. From funk indie outfits to techno titans, psych rock superstars to red hot rappers.

This year the festival has introduced a brand new stage, The Barn, a huge hangar like area loaded with the finest sound and vision technology. In it, the likes of Aphex Twin, Nina Kraviz and Nicolas Jaar, plus many more, will perform, while the rest of the Field Day line up throws up heaps of treats.

An added dimension of this year's festival is their 'village green mentality', which has a theme of doubles on account of Aphex Twin's dual identity, as well as the festival celebrating its 11th birthday. This means the fun and games includes tug of war, human double decker, twin set 3 legged racing, and a mirrored relay race. With that in mind, we've teamed up in the Skiddle office to offer up the five acts we think are set to reign supreme at Field Day.


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Chicago based blues/country tinged rock band Whitney truly are something to behold at a festival. The delicate falsetto and sparse rhythms of drummer and singer Julien Ehrlich marry perfectly with intricate fretwork and delightful brass elements. Their debut record, Light Upon The Lake, dropped last year, soundtracking, windows down, summer road-trips aplenty, while also laying the foundations for a mighty tour that has seen the group conquer Europe and America with ease. 

Henry Lewis

Aphex Twin

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Over the past 25 years has there been a more beguiling electronic artist than Richard James? The Cornish experimentalist has delivered everything, from rumbling warehouse techno like 'Digeridoo' and 'Lisbon Acid' up to more abstract and ambient offerings, pretty much defining the limits of what electronic experimentation can deliver.

As such his live shows aren't just for purists, welding sonic tapestries together with a constant mindfuck approach that also manages to bring in his more commercial moments such as 'Window Licker'. One of the most warped geniuses popular music has ever seen, and a must see this summer.

Jimmy Coultas

Loyle Carner

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Last year the young rapper's long-awaited debut album dropped, and did not disappoint by any means. Yesterday's Gone is a journey through emotions, be it via family pangs or relationship troubles, financial woe or the joy of being young and alive, the record has it all. With an eloquent flow and some brilliantly produced beats courtesy of Rebel Kleff, Carner's debut was a smash. His live shows are just as engaging, thus we recently dubbed him one of the five rappers set to tear up festival season.



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Being eclectic is a tough skill for many DJs to juggle, but not Hunee. He's a selector that has taken the classic sounds of dance music - lush Detroit techno, fizzing house and string-laden disco - and added them to a much broader palette, welding grooves from less celebrated regions such as Turkey, Nigeria and the Far east in his laviscious melting pot.


Dr John Cooper Clarke

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The bard of Salford is one of the most fascinating cultural characters this country has to offer. The very definition of punk poet, Dr John Cooper Clarke has socially on the money rhymes that pull no punches and will have you in stitches. Take 'Twat' for example: "You’ve got this slippery quality, it makes me think of phlegm, and a dual personality - I hate both of them." JCC just has the sort of lyrical presence that one Alex Turner took huge inspiration from. Next time you listen to Arctic Monkeys' 'I Wanna Be Yours', research its origin and Cooper Clarke's name will appear. A true icon. 

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