EH6: The top five

The Krafty Brew creation hits Leith at the end of October.

Amelia Ward

Last updated: 3rd Oct 2017.
Originally published: 2nd Oct 2017

Image: Alabama 3 (credit)

Setting up camp in Leith on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October is multi-venue festival EH6, which is set to bring some of the finest music, food and beer to the city.

Taking place in at least 10 venues throughout Leith, festival goers will be encouraged to travel between venues, all the while having an abundance of food and drink stalls along the way serving only the best, in support of local business.

The EH6 lineup is a heady combination of established acts and emerging talent, with an emphasis on homegrown Scottish artists. With the countdown on, we have picked our top five must-see acts for the festival.

5. Sham 69


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One of the main players in the '77 punk movement, Sham 69 were the real deal. Where the working class credentials of some of their contemporaries were questionable; the Sex Pistols were the main part of a marketing campaign for a clothes designer and The Clash, god love them, were led by the son of a British diplomat, Sham 69 were working class lads who were proud of being an unfashionable voice of the people.

They are still going strong today; albeit playing with different line ups, the message remains unchanged. Having played at the likes of Govanhill Against Racism, the band continue to stand firm on their ethos of inclusivity and unity, in a time where it is potentially more relevant than ever. 

4. Mickey 9s

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Up and coming Scottish outfit Mickey 9s are certainly ones to watch and will deliver their deeply insightful brand of electro-pop on the Sunday of EH6.

The group's latest work 'Ghosts', tackles the refugee crisis head on with harrowing and poignant lyrics set to a delightful blend of electronic beats and chiming fretwork and sits and alongside the likes of 'Ammunition' and 'Superman' in the group's discography perfectly. A thought provoking live show awaits from a group who are hot property in Glasgow's live music scene. 

3. Gerry Cinnamon

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If you know anything at all about the current Glasgow music scene, you'll have heard of singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon. Boldly exploring the avenues between blues and folk, he's created quite the reputation in Scotland for his rambunctious live shows.

It seems that he is beginning to well and truly reap the fruits of his labour, having this week seen his debut album shoot to no. 5 in the UK charts, and no. 1 in the singer-songwriter charts on iTunes, beating Ed Sheeran to the spot. Not content with just chart success, his headline Barrowland show sold out in a couple of hours, before he announced another one. In the very likely case that this trajectory continues, it would seem EH6 is a one off chance to see a soon to be massive artist in a very intimate environment.

2. Alabama 3

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Casual fans only probably know Alabama 3 for that Sopranos theme tune numberone of the most iconic pieces of music used on television this century. But beyond that the genre fusionists have built up a heady live reputation for blending the most disparate of sounds together, with blues, acid house, country and gospel rippling through the grooves.

Which makes this show, part of an Alabama 3 acoustic tour, all the more interesting - the group's electronic undercurrent being replaced for an earthier sound.

1. Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5

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One of the undisputed highlights of Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017, the yellow army are an all signing, all dancing, peace promoting collective that put on a truly unique display wherever it is they descend upon. In their home country, Colonel Mustard & The Dijon Five are always a hit, delivering a vivid display of music and colour with groove laden numbers that contain powerful, hooky choruses and messages of peace and love.

Audience participation is at the hear of the performance with this bunch, so join in the festivities on the opening day of EH6 for a seriously unforgettable show.

EH6 Festival tickets are available from the box below. 

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